What about the vehicles?

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I know that this is a new site, so I am posting this in hopes that as new members are added, it will spark some conversation.

I recently discovered the personal body armor a couple of days ago and I Love it! It's got my mind racing.... I want some!

But it also got me thinking... what about vehicles? Are there any die-hard fans out there who are skilled enough to build a real street-legal Warthog? Does anyone know of anybody who is doing it? And nothing says, "Keep you cats out of my back yard" more than a Scorpion parked on the drive pad!!

Think Bungie would allow a licencing right for some schematics to build them?

Just a thought.... what about yours?
I've thought about this too. Surely someone out there has tried with so many Halo fans but I've yet to see anything like that. It would be really awesome though....like a ghost go-kart or something.
mold some pieces out, and make a mini ghost out of a go cart...

You could hide the wheels, and put some ground lights on it... rock on!!!
We've been contemplating doing some Halo vehicle work.

Got a buncha other stuff ahead of it, but a little while back we started figuring out some mods that we could do.

To keep it street legal we'd have to significantly downsize it a bit, in fullscale that thing would be monstrous. We'd probably mod-out an existing car. Something like a truck maybe..?

The windshield would be expensive to make, and you can forget about accurate axle arrangement.. The axle systems like that DO exist, but in a price range I doubt I'd be ablee to justify spending in my lifetime. They use them for driving over car-sized boulders and stuff.

I love the go cart idea.. Especially if you mod the weheel base and stuff. Golf cart would probably be cool too.. maybe a lowrider version of the warthog. :)

A go cart would be great for a Spectre, if anyone really even WANTS a spectre.
uhh.. that was my post.. we were working out the details on making a warthog. One of the ideas was to just use a car we had access to, and get as close as we could get.. unfortunately that car died..
Of course there is..

Assuming you're no stranger to body work and are mechanically inclined, have access to an appropriate car that you won't need to drive while you're working on it, and have room to work on it & store it, plus money for it.

If that's you, and you have friends to help you.. lemme' know and I'll go further.

It's an expensive venture, but obviously cheaper to do yourself, at whatever level of accuracy you can pay for, or will settle for.

Or have a lot of money, in which case lemme' know and maybe we could birth it here in Florida for you. Or maybe just do custom parts, etc, depending on your ability to communicate your needs, ability to possibly modify what we send you, and ability to install and do finish work.

It can certainly be done.

Alas, I am a 16 year old trapped out here in the west with no mechanical skill, and no knowledge of vehicles, all I could offer is my own inexperienced hands and a mind suited to problem solving. Unfortunately you are on the other side of the country, so this definitely limits the help I can be in this project. :cry: I do know a guy who is good with cars, so if you run into a problem take some pictures and e-mail me them, I’m sure we could figure out some way make it work.
that would be awesome. although i doubt strapping a chaingun to the back of your car is legal... :twisted:

EDIT: This is my first post ever on this site :D
Re: atv

like the atv

You just resurrected a month old topic, to post a message that didn't contribute to the context of the topic at all. You need to stop with this spamtacular posting now!!!

Look at the dates of when the topic was created. if it more than a few days old and all you have to say is "like an ATV" or "OKAY",
don't post.
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I have begun work on a warthog, slightly scaled down - roughly 50% of Full size, and I'm using primarily wood to get the basic shape, and will then have a fiberglass body (most likely) formed around it...

Now I only need to find a car to put it on...

On a slightly off note, I've built a Remote Control warthog, which works quite well!

If you want to see pictures, say so and I'll take some.
Jrade said:
On a slightly off note, I've built a Remote Control warthog, which works quite well!

If you want to see pictures, say so and I'll take some.

Take some, PRONTO. That.. would pwn. :)
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thefreeman said:
why would you EVER dig up a 2 year old dead thread?
Another zombie thread!

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It's not exactly necroposting if he's got something to add. It may be an old thread, but he is helping out and adding to the community.
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