What Is Happens If Not Read FAQs To The End

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At last I glued it till the end!
I made my helmet pepakura model with a regular printer paper, not a cardboard.
See what happened.
Not so cool as needed, isnt it?
My mistake was starting work before read FAQs... There are results...




what is the whole point of this? are you trying to show us a flaw or mistake or what, cuz these look perfectly fine except for the fact that they are made of printer paper, not cardstock and therefore very hard to resin if you're going towards that step...redo, this is merely a practise pep model if you want to do the big stuff like fiberglassing it and detailing it with bondo...most but not all of the work here is pretty much wasted...and im sure that you didnt even use a glue gun, but correct me if im wrong
MC PwN 3R said:
...and im sure that you didnt even use a glue gun...

Yes, You're right, I did it using only Solid Stick Office Paper Glue. :rolleyes
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