Where should i start?

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Hey everybody, i am new to the forums. ineed advice on which i should make first; a Magnum, a battle rifle, or an assault rifle, and what materials i should use. Thanks!
first off, go to creation discussion, and there is a weapon and prop forum. you can learn a lot by reading in there.


i wouldn't start on a weapon. they're honestly MUCH harder to make than armor.
I agree that it's up to you where you start, but I personally can't do weapons yet. Not saying you won't be able to, perhaps I'm pepakura challenged on closed in things, but I'd do a helmet, or start a suit from the bottom up, if you want a whole suit. Worry about weapons after youve built some other things, and are used to the processes involved in making these props.

Other than that, welcome to the 405th, and good luck!

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