Props Whipped Cream Biofoam Canister


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Just as the title reads, I went and made a Biofoam Canister that sprays whipped cream. It still exerts a little foam into the body that I need to fix, but overall it works pretty good. The front nozzle is able to swing up and down, and a little bit of force on the back handle causes the foam to spray out when the main body is tilted at 90 degrees. The only thing that kinda irks me is the top cone not fitting so well with the main body, but it was done this way so I could easily get to the can to swap them out and clean the whole thing if necessary. It's something I may take to cons down the road since it's a small prop, but most likely it'll just become apart of my collection since it has the potential to spray foam everywhere by accident lol.



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I'm honestly tempted to share this on Twitter. :p As far as I know, there isn't much love for the biofoam canister.


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This is hysterical....Love it. I'd like to order an MC short-stack, w/ hash-browns on the side and a cup of coffee. Don't forget the whipped cream.