Why is there an approval needed for forum goers?

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I really don't see the point. I was told it was to stop spammers, but you can easily just I.P. Ban the spammer instead of suspecting several potential forum goers as spammers.

(When I joined it was on the approval system, if it's not now then just close teh topic).
Approval times keep the Spambots out, but we have some very dedicated Spammer (people) who are waiting though the approval time in order to get in, if only to make a couple posts.

Of course we do ban IP's, thats why we don't actually delete the spam, we save it so we can get the users IP, and ban the whole IP address.

And for the record this is the best way that we have to do this. I've seen what it used to be like before the approval system, and we were overrun with spam several times a week, not once a month.
I took it off for one day while our stories were up at HBO and everyone freaked about spam. Now it's back on.
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