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now i know its ugly and i know its small but the Wii is pretty fun i was a zelda fan before halo ever came out i now that their are some pretty great games out for the X360 and some pretty bad ones for Wii (redsteel, Wii carnival) i just wonder does anyone feel bad about making WiiWii jokes?


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HOW DARE YOU :p nah jk but seriously you telling me its ugly and its compact size is the cool part about it you can store it anywhere really.

I know I am a 360 owner and I adore my 360 but I can't let my Wii be insulted. :mad:
On a scale of 1 to 10 I give my 360 system a 10 and also because my Xbox is painted black and tricked out with blue LED's and windows cut out of the top and what not. But my Wii has nothing tricked out on it but I rate mine at a 9.5 :D
Also you are telling me that you can't think of any bad games for the 360.


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watch this before reading
i like the wii! i feel bad for getting an xbox....sorry...
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I got one for two reasons, Zelda twilight princess (which was too short and not as good as wind waker) and for the browser, Its cool being able to browse from your couch with a nice simple interface. Two things that really annoy me about the wii though, no 5.1 audio and the video output is crap, 480p hmmm, at least it was cheap. Im yet to play a game that makes good use of the controller... still waiting for the lucasarts to make a lightsaber game. I'm getting annoyed with MS for not giving us a browser for 360 yet.


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I think my wii was a waste of money, but I'll keep it just because they are impossible to find, then when a game comes out that I want, it will be worth the long months of not touching my wii.

I play my ps3 everyday just because all the games that come out on ps3, I just love. But seriously, zelda twilight princess has been out for a year now, it hasnt lowered 1 dollar, usually games drop to 20-30 dollars within a year, I'm not paying full price for a old game.

Skullcandy Girl

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I love my Wii and I play it more than any other system, and it relaxes me. I'm more into Fun games than HD output and surround Audio.

I love Tomb Raider, Metroid RE 4, RE Umbrella Chronciles, Zelda wasn't bad, and I LOVE playing all the old skool games and my Gamecube games, great system for $250. 360 is unreliable to me and PS3 doesn't have anything I want (yet)


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and in french that sound more awesome is like



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yeah, i have a wii, and i need new games for it.
actually its my younger dumber brother, and he just never plays it.
wii sports is really fun, but the whole thing gets kind of old after a while.

until my ps2 dies, it shall be mine.


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The things that make me angry about the wii are that, 1 it could have a 8gig flash hard drive and have free demo downloads like the xbox/ps3, I like demoing games in my home better than going to a store and trying a game and waiting inline because of the popularity of the wii, the wait isnt worth the game experience.

But other than that, and not having many games yet, I am kinda glad I got one before black friday/Christmas time, but I guess once I get metroid prime 3/zelda i'll love the thing a bit more.