WinterHuntsman’s ODST build WIP


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Blade sharpeners go a long way, what are you using to connect the pieces may also make the seams stick together better. I use contact cement and that makes the seams stick together extremely well.

To clean my seams I ended up using Kwik seal on them and then if they still didn't look good I would take a Dremel across the seam to make it flush. but I don't know if that is best practice either.

In a perfect world I would just recut my pieces, but I only have so much foam and patience sometimes haha.
Had a blade sharpener but it chipped the blades beyond use. I think these creases are more from me using a pen to trace the templates onto foam and imprint that outline. The creases match.
I have a way around this that will make it look pretty, but it requires time and patiences.

That’s scrap foam glued into the crease and sanded until it’s perfectly smooth. Requires work, but it does a good job and hiding the creases or imperfections.

Also I apparently didn’t make the neck hole as big as I thought as I had my head stuck in the helmet for a good 10 mins. Inside was still sharp apparently. Looks like I’ll be removing more neck line.
Thanks. Yah I over did it with the bondo but I wanted to make sure I had a good buffer to work with. Though I didn’t get any bondo into the ridge area in the helmet so I could keep those areas distinct, but I don’t know if I need to get any bondo in there so I can paint.

Also what do you mean by a T3 helmet?


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Ya the guy I got it from was awesome to work with told him what I thought about and he made it.
Also what do you mean by a T3 helmet?
If you want to be deployed there is a tier system that denotes the level of completeness and detail of your build.
Tier 1 being the lowest level and Tier 3 being the highest.
Ok shoulders are almost done and I just printed off the template for the breast plate.
I’m on vacation in New Buffalo for a few days with my family so I’m going to take a nice break from my armor crafting. Also I’m starting to pack up my foam supplies so I can work on it over the school year.
I should hopefully have the helmet sanded and painted before I head of to my sophomore year. Still need to dilute the visor as I want to do a silver mirrored one.

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The amount of Bondo on the helmet is perfect for doing INSANE amounts of detail, but it is going to cost you a lot of time. If you sand it down to a 400 grit or more, it will be so clean you would think it was a cast. Only down side I see here is the 5,432,984 hours of sanding in your future. lol


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Are you doing it by hand or do you have an electric sander? Still look very heavy.....


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the divets can look like dings and such but if you don't want to have them, go to any hardware store or walmart automotive section and pick up some bondo spot putty to help out with that, then sand it down smoothly.