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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Malloc, Aug 30, 2008.

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    Yes I may be knew to the forums, but I am a "Moder" at heart and love electronics, but to get to the point we need something that can be mounted inside a MC suite that gives decent power and that's were I have an idea, I am still at the schematic stage but you can see were I am going at, basically if you were to look at MC Armour there are shoulder blades and that's a great place to store Li-ion or Maybe RC car battery packs, either two in one or one in both so maybe we could opt to two in both. Then set the to up the voltage (or run in parallel, and series).
    So we have 18 volts, at a decent amount of amp hours or 9 volts with more amp hours, but A master switch would be good, and I am not sure if i could pop some inside shin pads, but still have it comfortable. I am thinking of using a picaxe (mc), to make a hud system basically leds in a visor to light up etched pictures, like an ammo clip with wireless over a ar/br maybe wired. Heck if i can get wireless power like Nikola Tesla I can have a system so guns are wireless powered. Also if I can pull a whole system out for lights,hud,etc I will make "Kits" for you guys.

    I have added an image of the not so proper tech schematic, but for none techs I hope it helps, plus I will program em' in basic....

    -Michael Williams - A nub making a better future
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  2. HeavyGunner

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    Man, I can't believe nobody has commented on this yet! Sheesh! I for one, think this idea has some serious potential dude. :) I have always loved the idea of incorporating an electronic system into an Mjolnir suit, but I didn't know where to start.

    You have just given me the inspiration to do so!

    The two battery packs are a great idea so you could have more power, and they should most likely be housed in the "backpack" portion of the torso. That being decided, the new question is, what other utility systems could we incorporate into the system?

    I think a good place to look for inspiration would be the Halo novel series. I've read at least 3 of them and have learned that there are a bunch of things that the master chief uses that would be more than possible to apply in the real world.

    Of which are the following:

    1. Heads up display ( possible, but also terribly difficult unless you really know what you're doing)
    2. Com-link system ( This could easily be a two-way radio with a wired headset attatched in the helmet, with the radio running down to the backpack)
    3. Flashlights in the helmet ( this is a very simple concept and has been done hundreds of times, but it also could be drastically improved with very rewarding results)
    4. Armor status lights ( these are located in various parts of the armor, including the biceps, and forearms and possibly the thigh plates, and could be easily accomplished using a row of white or possibly multicolored leds
    5. A helmet climate control system (this would also be extremely difficult, without buying a complete nitrogen rebreather system and incorporating it into the helmet, but it is something to strive for)
    6. Last but not least, a functional control system in the helmet ( In the books it talks about the master chief being able to control his suit from inside his helmet, this is accomplished by a series of sensors that can tell when you blink, move you mouth, and say something, I believe the best way to incorporate this would be a series of buttons that fit snugly under you chin, that when pressed would either activate the com link or activate the flash lights, depending on which one you pressed.)

    I'm terribly sorry for the long post, but when I get in one of those techy moods it's hard for me to stop talking! :D
    Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more to add when I think of it, so be prepared for more ideas! Thanks a bunch for reading and be sure to tell me if you make any progress, I'll be here for support if you have any questions or problems.

  3. MandoMan531


    I, for one, think this is a fantastic idea. Please do this. Awesome work.
  4. RadioactiveMicrobe

    RadioactiveMicrobe Well-Known Member

    Now if we can get this to work, it would be more than spiffy! We would be that much closer to obtaining true spartan status!

  5. Malloc

    Malloc New Member

    Thanks for all the great posts, and finally people who use smileys... But maybe a programmable voice voltage detector which mad correctly can pose as flashlight on ( turns on flash lights ), is possible, the cool thing is the com link, maybe bug some good 50$-100$ radio sets, and broadcast like that or even, make a coil system running on the mhz range either after or in the middle of am-fm, heck make a control room with a car radio... o_O

    But I like climate,control hud ( either leds ( heavy programing and skill) or transparent lcd ( expensive cheap, easy :D ).

    And to think I will be using picaxe ( 2.50$-10.00$) a chip, thats cheap and programing it in basic aint hard, heck maybe go with a chip that runs in c. <=== Nerd

    So I loves all these Kool ideas :D and all I can say is keep them coming.... god I love LEDS.

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