Airbrush Kit Recommendations?


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Hey everyone! I'm looking to up the quality of my projects and one place I think I can achieve that is by investing in an airbrush to have more dynamic paint jobs. I've been using spray paint and paintbrushes/acrylics when needed but it's time to splurge! I've watched a few videos but would love to get some recommendations from people here on a kit to invest in.

These are the things I'm looking for:
  • Ideally under $200 but I want something that's built to last and won't break.
  • Relatively quiet compressor - I live in an apartment
  • Dual action (from what I gather they're a bit trickier to get the hang of but worth it for the detail and control)
  • Usable for large-scale projects and minis
Also if you have any tips or videos that you found helpful as a beginner, please share! Thanks! :)
I'm currently using the harbor freight one and it's working super well, but I know some people who are having issues with it.

This kit is one I've recommended to a few people and they've all seems to like it as it's got pretty much everything you need to get started.
I will and always have highly recommended the "Eclipse" line of brushes from Iwata. Basic, ready-to-use from the box guns that are offered in both a bottom feed format and gravity fed gun. Usually will run you around 120/130$ on amazon per gun.

The compressor I use is a basic one from harbor freight that has not failed me yet!
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