WIP Mjolnir Mk VI Armor (First build!)


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Quick update:
I've sanded & heat sealed the thighs and shins - Just testing out some sealant on a scrap piece of foam to see how it works. Couldn't find any Kwik seal at my local store so I'm using an alternative (let's hope it works).
I've also built the codpiece, it's scaled properly (I think) but it doesn't fit over my hips so I had to cut the side of it, I'll probably attach velcro or a buckle or something to it.
Other than that, I'm starting on the chest piece now, it's going well but it's difficult to put together, lol.



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If you can't find Kwik seal.....there are a ton of other name brands and a few generic ones out there.....the best would be a painter's caulk as you will be able to paint right on to it w/o issues.....some of the other ones are water repellent.