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[WIP] Samus Aran Phazon Suit MP1

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by inclol, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. chris uk 83

    chris uk 83 New Member

    Keep these coming, I'm watching this project with interest!
  2. rvb18

    rvb18 Well-Known Member

    it's kinda a cross bred from mp3 and mp1. plan to get one of shado's helmets and make the rest from foam. for lighting I'm using EL wire and tape. i will also add a timer on the lights so the flash slowly like in the game. if you would like to find EL wire or LEDs go here http://thatscoolwire.com
  3. JUSTINIAN 117


    Nice work so far. I have always been a fan of Samus.
  4. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Quick update, started working on the fiberglass process. I first cut the visor, then fiberglassed 2/3 of the helmet, the rest is some harder/tighter spots I'll probably fill with Rondo for the moment (I'll try other methods like epoxy and chopped fibres as suggested by ventrue for the other parts. ATM I'll use the materials I have at my disposal, I'm a bit low on cash :)). It's pretty quick to do, and with awesome results. I have a few air bubbles here and there but I'll fill them up with Rondo right before bondo'ing the whole helmet.

    Also seems like I underestimated the necessary hardener quantity, today I've put double the amount and it went better, it was hard right when I finished. Got a bit hot sometimes but no big problem. I won't have enough of it for the whole resin, though. They could supply the right amount from the start...

    I'll post update pics when finished hardening, ie after rondoing the last parts. I hope I'll have enough time to finish it tomorrow but it might be a tight schedule.
  5. Tyvern


    Somebody's doing a federation trooper? Anytips on how to? I want to do the Echoes trooper version

    Attached Files:

  6. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    Actually they do - if you mixed the whole can with all the hardener that comes with it, you'd get the "perfect" mix ratio. The problem is that most of use smaller batches and will rather want to add a little too much hardener than end up with sticky models ;-)
  7. rvb18

    rvb18 Well-Known Member

    i am. I'm using foam. cutting it out by eye. it's the mp3 version, not echoes. i have a helmet file, pm me if you'd like it. credit goes to nintendude for ripping for me
  8. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Yeah ^^ then good thing my resin and my body filler use the exact same hardener...

    Have you started yet or is it in planning ? I'd be really interested to see the results, I'm curious about using foam... Could be a good idea for the waist area...

    Anyway another update. I rondo'ed today, after having watched Ben Streeper's videos (they're really good, answer all questions and make a clean demo of the process... Kudos !;)).

    So remember I first fiberglassed all the top part of the helmet, a bit of the front and the sides. (No pics of only the fiberglass, sorry).

    I had 2-3 air bubbles, so I first drilled holes in them with my Dremel-clone, then started to mix resin and bondo. Once I put the hardener, I took a small amount on my mixing stick, pouring it into the holes to fill them. Went perfectly smooth. Then I poured the rest in the helmet and well started filling it as best as possible.

    I worked in small quantities to get familiar with it first, ended up doing it 3 times. First time I've put everything on the fiberglass+ the whole front area around the visor, but the layer was too thin. I then added another layer, more generous on the front and the sides. Then a final layer to fix a few small spots and reinforce the edges. It's still relatively thin but I didn't want to waste too much material, and it's rock solid so I guess it's enough.

    Man it sure is heavier now compared to fiberglass... I should have weighed the piece before, just to see. I'll weigh it (hum, is the verb correct ? I'm non-native english speaker:p) when it's cured. Still, this thing is just amazing to work with. So easy and quick.

    Pics :

    The whole thing.

    Visor, rear, and side details.

    Notice the lower area that has slightly warped. Seems like it's the only part though, so no big deal.

    I won't be able to work on it today and tomorrow, It'll wait for tuesday I think. But I'm not sure I have enough body filler to bondo the helm, and I'll need to work a bit to gather some money first... lol

    In the meantime I'll try to buy some paper and rescale the other parts.
  9. rvb18

    rvb18 Well-Known Member

    no progress, just allot of preparing, planing, and saving up. if you search images on google you will find someone who made a suit from foam and it looks pretty good
  10. ShadoKat


    Wow, that calf piece looks really nice, and I really love how shapely it is. One of the benefits of using a decent pep file, yeah? Some other Samus cosplays I've seen have the calf piece as pretty much just a simple cylinder with a few detail lines, but yours has great definition, and looks really really nice. However, it also looks really huge on those shots with you wearing it! More for the height than the girth, but now I'm very curious as to how you're going to make the thigh pieces fit. I don't suppose you're considering stilts? LOL!! Again, I guess it's back to that trade-off thing I mentioned. Oh, wait!! Now that I've read the thread a little more closely, it looks like you're going to be re-scaling of some of the pieces? Yeah, it's almost guaranteed that the helmet is going to have to be a bit larger in scale than the rest of the suit... unless you can somehow make yourself 7 feet tall and keep your head the same size LOL!!

    Oh yes, no need to point it out, I am WELL versed in the different Samus variations :) Funny, though, one of the reasons I chose the Prime 3 version was because I thought it seemed proportionally less wide than the Prime 1 helmet, especially in the shot you have up there (one of my favorites, btw). Plus it's nearly identical to the Prime 2 helmet. Also, to be honest, I kind of like the Prime 3 design better (but there are no pep files for mine yet, though, which is why I'm sculpting rather than using pepakura).

    Keep up the good work! You're doing great so far!
  11. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Indeed, it's helping me a lot ! There's not much I'll have to create from scratch, it looks. Which is better cause I'm not as good as you at sculpting ^^

    Yeah, rescaling is necessary. Although it may look badass like this, it's way too big. I mesured roughly the calf piece and it's approx. 60 cm high, without the pointy tip... And to fit correctly it should be only 40 cm ^^ I'm re-peping it right now, I had just enough paper to redo it.

    Yeah, I thought you would know even better than me, I was pointing that out more for other people to see the differences :p the MP3 helmet definitely seems less wide. He looks a bit more refined and maybe a bit more futuristic to me, that's why I prefer the MP1 ; a little more "retro-looking". But that's personal preference. Generally people prefer the MP3 helmet, and anyway both look awesome ! :)
  12. SPRTNBD50

    SPRTNBD50 Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]LAWL!!! Epic face!!
  13. chris uk 83

    chris uk 83 New Member

    Can we have a pic of the whole helmet as it stands at the moment, I mean rather than zoomed in detail shots. I want to see it in all its glory!
  14. loxton117

    loxton117 Member

    I've never been much of a fan of samus and not noticed the designs. . . but so far this looks great, its clean, has shape and detail.. and I'm eagerly awaiting more
  15. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Ah ah. You know it's reaaaaally hard for me to be serious on any picture. I kinda specialized in photo-bombing since I was young, I guess.

    ...But, that's really the face you can do when melting your fingers for 3 hours. :p

    Well "glory" may be a big word for the moment, the outside isn't very clean. i had to add some baby powder to it cause I did'nt put enough hardener at the beginning, and there are a few strands of fibers here and there. If I'm lucky I'll be able to sand it roughly tomorrow to clean the edges a bit.

    Anyway, here's your answer :

    Heck, I'm generous tonight, here's three shots. You're lucky. Also, I just weighed it : 614 gr. Not that heavy.

    Also, a bit of progress ; I re-pep'd the calf and shoe piece, I scaled them down according to what length the calf piece should be. Result = FAIL. As you can see it's too little.

    This way, it looks kinda cute.

    Whoooops. Sorry sir, wrong size.

    Notice the old bigger calf piece, that has been cut down to the correct length.

    No Sir, still the wrong size.

    Well it isn't as obvious as IRL, but this picture is supposed to show you it's the correct length. It really is.

    Was my math wrong... ? Well in fact not, when I put the piece beside my leg, it's exactly the correct length. Which means Samus has yet another inhuman proportion here. Damn you Samus. (Kidding, I love you. But still.) From there I have 2 solutions.

    1/Keep the piece at that scale, but tweak it to fit my leg. That would alter the design a bit.

    2/Scale it up a bit so I fit, and cut the excess length at the bottom part. Would be less altering of the design, I think.

    What do you think is the best option here ? Still unsure.

    In the meantime, it COULD make a pretty stylish forearm armor piece :

    Looks deadly, in my opinion.

    Well nreally no more peping this time, I have only 2 sheets of paper ^^ I'll focus on my helm anyway, or I won't ever make any progress. A bit of sanding tomorrow. Is it better to re-resin after the first sanding and before bondoing or is it not necessary ?
  16. inclol

    inclol New Member

    As planned, did a bit of sanding today. I cleaned those sharp angles and edges a bit. Overall no problem, the rondo did fill the air bubbles perfectly. I only sanded through the rondo on one side, that's when I noticed the layer was a bit too thin. So once I finished sanding, I added a bit more rondo to reinforce it. New weight : 725 gr.

    Pics :

    Still looks a bit rough, but we're getting close to something. I'll have to put quite a bit of bondo to get rid of that polygonal look.

    Not sure when I'll be able to move on to the next step, I don't have enough bondo yet. I'll update as soon as I have something to show... In the meantime, I'll do some scaling calculations, and maybe try to model myself in 3DSMax to have a good reference for scaling.

    Stay tuned !
  17. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    Looks good.

    This is probably the first time anybody has weighed their helmet :-D
  18. inclol

    inclol New Member

    True ! Well as a noob, when collecting informations, I always saw things like "it's heavy", "it's pretty light", "it's heavier than..."... OK, but what is heavy, what is light ? Data please ! :)

    So I figured it could be useful to have a better idea. Everyone says Rondo is heavier than fiberglass, but it's hard to figure if it's too heavy without trying it.
  19. Z0M8I3

    Z0M8I3 Member

    Great progress! Everything is looking good. I have to say, every time I see your avatar I can't help but laugh. I think we've all had that look and experience atleast once..lol.

    Keep up the great work:cool
  20. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Been able to resupply a bit today, so I thought I would start again working on my helm. I wanted to find ref pics from the back but it's proving to be nearly impossible. I was ready to give up when one detail struck my mind ; whooooooops. My helm isn't really accurate. The visor area is wrong. Well, if you refer to MP1.

    I was focusing so much on all the other details I didn't even see this... I feel a bit stupid. That's strange, cause the model I work from is supposed to be a rip, and all the others aspects, after a double-check, are really from MP1. The helm texture used is also from MP1, so... don't know why. Also, MP2's helmet is different, and Mp3 too. So don't know where it comes from. Meh.

    It's not too bad though, I admit I like the helm like it is right now and seeing how the helm changes every game, having a kinda combination of differents models is logical. Heck, even me, I didn't see it until then...

    So I'll keep on going on the MP1 route. I still haven't got back my Prime Trilogy package, so I'll base myself on my pep files, that contain textures, to draw the lines. I hope to start bondoing in a matter of minutes, pics will come...
  21. Propcustomz

    Propcustomz Member

    Its looking good so far. Are you making the whole suit?
  22. SPRTNBD50

    SPRTNBD50 Well-Known Member

    LOL!!! PHOTOBOMBING FOR THE WIN!!!(Me good too)
    My face for me after melting my hands for three hours......you don't wanna know......
  23. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Thanks :) Yeah, that's the plan. I'm kinda focusing on the helm for the moment, cause I want to make some progress and not lose my time going back and forth everywhere. I work on my helm and, when I must wait (curing time, lack of supplies) I pep other parts.

    Speaking of which, as promised, did a bit of bondo today ! The result looks of course horrible so I guess I did a good job. :D jokes aside, here are the pics :

    The helm, before bondoing. Note the poorly drawn lines, which will need to be carved in Bondo afterwards. They're here for reference only and will be covered anyway.

    The result so far. I tried to put a generous amount everywhere. There's a bit of asymmetry here and there, but for a first pass it's not too bad.

    Note I didn't worked on the visor area for the moment.
    I'll wait for it to cure completely before a first rough sanding. It will probably wait for sunday or even monday though, I won't have enough time before that.

    In the meantime, i'll pep some parts. Right now I'm trying the torso armor, the upper part (with the two reactor things at the back). I may have a result in a few hours, it's a scale-test so fingers crossed !

    ...Well now you're making me curious ! :p
  24. mtotter

    mtotter New Member

    i go of the 405th for 5 days and i almost missed a great build like this. great job dude!
  25. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Sooo i'm focusing on harder parts of the armor, scaling-wise. As promised, I pepped the "torso". You know, the space bra. :p It's not a fail cause I can fit in there, but it's really tight. Not sure if it's a win either.

    Oh, also, the lower part that closes the armpit is part of the other half of the upper armor, but I added it here just to reinforce the piece, and to see how big those armpits were supposed to be. It won't be on this part.

    Pics :

    That's what I call a tight fit ; I can't really lower my arms, nor brings them in front of me.

    The part all alone.

    For the moment I can't really decide if it's correct or not. Seems not too bad for me, even though I can barely move in it. But if you look at the back, those "jet engines" things seem already big enough.

    What do you guys think about it ?

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