[WIP] Samus Aran Phazon Suit MP1

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by inclol, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Looking good! Being the Metroid buff that I am, I'm really interested in seeing where this project goes. And from the reference pics I can see, I think the jets look pretty good. Mostly likely won't be able to tell anymore without the rest of the torso armor, but it looks great so far. And I don't know if you got your question fully answered, but the shoulders are the right size for MP1. If you went to MP2 or 3, they would get smaller progressively. By the way, where did you get the templates?
  2. inclol

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    Thanks ! At least i'm not the only Metroid fan here ^^

    Well yeah, in fact it seems correct to me. What was confusing was the fact i can't move my arms at all in there. But why's that... ? Well it's thanks to Samus's "alien-wide shoulders" :)p). her arms don't collide with the torso armor because of this, but on a normal human... it's another story. i'll have to rework that part a bit.

    Well now that I have the torso armor, I think you're right, they're at the correct size. but what will be problematic is how it fits/intersects with other pieces, and how to make it stay in place... This will become tricky because of the torso armor+biceps.
    On refs pictures, we see the shoulder bell must be pretty close to the torso but not hitting it, and it's also more or less aligned with the biceps armor. This thing will definitely be tricky... Oh well no fun in easy things I guess.:cool

    Here : http://www.nintendopapercraft.com/labels/Other.html. Scroll down till you find it.
    It's not really made for full-size suit making but it's got good details and it's hard to find other things. I could try to rip the model from the game but now that I started on this one...
    The only problem I see with this model is some parts are a bit low-def, and it's not in a very neutral pose, which will need some rework on specific parts.

    Also, I had some spare time, I would have liked to work on my helm but I'm sick so breathing dust and such isn't a good idea. To make good use of this time, I pepped the leg part again, at the correct scale this time (not sure why I fixated so much on this...). Oh, also finished Other M. :)

    Pics :

    The two parts together on me, test fit = WIN. even with a jean. It's tight though, and I don't know if it will fit again once fibergalssed and all. We'll see later.

    As you can see it fits better, and I can bend my knee more than 90° so it's perfect.

    Shoe alone :

  3. loxton117

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    this is coming along pretty damn well! hope the rest looks just as smooth and clean
  4. chris uk 83

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    I want to see that helmet painted! Get a move on :p
  5. inclol

    inclol New Member

    Weeeeeeeell sorry for the lack of updates... Been pretty busy with work, so I didn't get much progress. I just sanded the helm, but it was a rough bondo pass so there's still alot to do. i'm not yet used to using bondo like this, so there are spots where I didn't put enough. It's a rough pass but I can still see a bit of the polygonal aspect... I hope to get rid of it with the next batch.

    Problem of sanding is, it produces so much dust I must do it outside... and it's getting quite cold :) I don't have problems handling low temperatures, but the hot/cold transition is one of my fatal weakness... And I didn't have much time those days. I should be able to get back at it next week though.
    I also pepped the cannon, and the biceps armor, but the scale is off so i'll have to redo of course. I didn't take pics for the moment, I'll do when the helm becomes interesting to see...
  6. wiyumishere

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    i've learned the hard way that applying less is best. If you need more bondo on a piece just mix up a little bit. Bondo tools help with spreading evenly on surfaces. The flat plastic spreading bondo tools for like 3$ help a lot. Pretty sweet build so far
  7. ShadoKat


    Awesome, it looks like you've got the boot and calf armor scaled to the correct size! I might recommend you trying it on without jeans, though, just to get a more accurate picture of what it may look like in practice. Even so, it's looking great, keep up the good work!!

    Nope, not the only one at all, LOL!!

    Yes, definitely tricky... That bit about the pieces not hitting each other is not entirely correct, unfortunately. If you look closely at any of the cutscenes or youtube videos taken from the games, you will notice that there is a LOT of collision (clipping) between the pieces, especially in the area of the shoulder bells/arms/torso. Because it's in-game, though, they can get away with it, as one piece just sort of "disappears" into the other. That's another thing that makes real-world Samus armor so challenging, I think, is that you have physical limitations that animators do not.
  8. inclol

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    Yeah, as you say, there are those problems in-game. But IRL unfortunately I can't make pieces disappear in each other ^^ so I have to make it work.

    There's one thing I was unsure of... that bugged me for quite some time
    About the shoulder bells, I wasn't sure how exactly they're supposed to move or not. Seems different in each game.

    Looking at ref vids on youtube, in MP1, they don't move with the arms, when you get an armor, Samus lifts her arms a bit, but she can't completely because the shoulder bells don't move and so block the arms.

    ...And I can't remember at all in MP2 or 3, but there's that ref picture I posted before, where she's pointing the cannon at you, we can see the shoulder bell didn't just stay in place but rather moved along with the arm.

    Cutscene of MP1. It may be easier to see what I'm talkin' about :

    At the 5:00 mark, she gets the armor. When she has it on, we see her arms are not straight and the bells don't move at all. I can't find a sure enough evidence on MP3 though.

    I'll try to stay close to the MP1 route but I'll see what is possible... Just making sure this thing stay on my shoulders and doesn't move too much will be hard ^^
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