Woodland odst


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This is my woodland odst that I've been slowly changing over the years. It started as a cardboard and resin build and slowly turned into a foam build. I took a more practical look with this one trying to keep movement and durability in mind.

That camo pattern turned out neat! How'd you get that design?
It's a long process. You want to start with a dark tan base then randomly put lighter tan straps all around. Second you grab a light green and a handful of long grass. Holding and spreading the grass so it makes gaps you spray over the tans so you have a pattern. Do that all over so the tan kind of mostly gets covered. You then use differnt or same grass and use streaks of a tree brown and almost neo green lightly around to Bing random and light about it. Then you get more or same grass moving it around so the pattern changes and cover the hole thing in a dark woodland green but you leave it where other colors blend through.
I do this whole process in like 5 minutes and let the paint all dry together. Sometimes the paint cracks but I think that adds more detail to the camo itself

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