Wyoming Pop Culture Convention 2024


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Description: Wyoming Pop Culture Convention is a newer convention in Wyoming with only 1 year under its belt. Organizers are down to earth and is all about the community. Should be a good convention to grow with in this state.

Date: April 27th (10AM - 7PM) & 28th (10AM - 6PM)

Location: Eastridge Mall
601 SE Wyoming Blvd Casper WY, 82609

Event Website:
Local Hotels: (Descends by Distance from Venue)
These are all pretty much in the same area:
Rodeway Inn (Here)
Holiday Inn Express (Here)
Candlewood Suites (Here)
Courtyard (Here)
Baymont Inn (Here)
Comfort Inn Evansville (Here)

Final Thoughts: Organizers are nice and my plan is to really build up with them as they grow. My goal is to hopefully make some nice booth pieces for displays and such for this. Hopefully some out of state peeps can attend when they can.

Booth: We will have a booth there. We will also be hosting a panel (Armor 101)

Confirmed "Boots on Ground":

Tentative Responses/Past Attendees:
Tohmer64 (Sunday)

Hotel Reservations:

Badge Purchase:
Depends on who attends and mans the booth. I could probably get a couple vendor passes for members attending.

Dinner Plans: Steaks at Shadowshail's place Saturday evening. DeltaAlphaZulu and Apollymy_Dotta are helping supply dinner.

Photoshoot: We have a beautiful mountain just a short drive from Casper if anyone wants to maybe come up friday to take pictures.

Time: ---

Location: ---

Photographer Information: ---
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