you could use this as a turrent

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MC Chris said:
but paintball you can actually tell if your hit or not.

Let's not get into a paintball/airsoft dispute people, the internet has far too many of them already and both sports have their pro's and con's.

Back on topic, that thing would be so awesome strapped to the back of a warthog/go-cart.
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Heres for all of you who asked where i got my chain gun:

Let me mind you that its not just a little $100.00 toy its actually a fully operational airsoft gun that hurts like a mother f*****, and it cost around $4,000

It took me just under a month to put money aside for this baby, but in the end it was all worth it.
*whistle* I've seen this gun before on youtube and jez, it actually looks deadly!- the fps looks well over 500 to beable to do that to a tv from that distance, but does it take Co2?
even so you want to make one that shoots from scratch just to save some money, it will be hard to get the timing just right so that the bbs don't back up the chamber if its airsoft or chop like crazy if you want to make it paintball
Huh, this gives me an idea, i should try putting one of my automatic airsofts into the hollow shell of my chaingun prop...
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