You know what would be freakin' awesome?!

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How is this useless? I'm getting information. You're just opening it and wasting your time by typing in insults.
well you made a thread with one sentence you should use the search button or use the pm system.
and yes please look before you ask.
and no im not trying to insult you
ok ok or you can use the pm system ask doom redsleighdown sean bradley, or adam and frizzlefry. or even spartan+mjolnir=ownage.
Alright. I'm calm. You probably don't know that this is my first day. Also, I didn't sleep at all last night. Thanks for the info. Sorry if I snapped. I'm deleting the thread now.
Woo Woo Ladys, First off,

This could have been turned to a nice thread that was a collection of Links to Pepakura, like the one I started in Molded Armor, it just got off on the wrong foot.


Leading, blue,
you guys are always together posting one after the other, make a post not a conversation please, if you wanna discuss something in more detail use AIM or MSN

Acutally Gdan, were not.

My apologies. I just edited my posts. I can't seem to post without getting into some kind of situation, so I will be going now.


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