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So, here's the thing. I saw the Halo 3 trailer and I must say, it was awsome. I got chills when the legedary and epic Halo theme song sprang into action. But, here's my question: What do you think. So, I'll start. for any of you who have not read the books, he's in New Mambasa, Africa. In the background, you can see something that looks like Halo, but it's not--It's really a piece of some sor of transport mechanism Master Cheif went through when he boarded the ship at the very end of Halo 2. Now, when we see him, he's walking through the wreckage. then, Cortana starts to talk. Judging from her attitude in the other games, something about her seems to be amiss. Well, when she said "I have defied Gods and demons.", her voice merges with another in the middle of 'and' and continues through 'demons'. To me, this voice sounds like Gravemind. Then, she says, "I am your sheild. I am your source." To me, this means one of two things. 1) Cortana was left behind when Master Cheif escaped in Halo 2. There could be a virtually endless amount of Covenant data there she could've hacked into. Data all about the Forerunners, more data about the rings, the flood and who knows what else. She may have made copies of herself, as that is one of her abilities as stated in the books, and hacked in, finding out all this information and gathered it. Well, it could be that one of her copies could've interpreted this data in a new way. Instead of wanting to fight the Covenant, that particular copy may have seen the logical way out to be to join the Covenant. then, this specific cortana may have somehow linked herself to Master Cheif sort like on a one-way communication system: She can talk to him, but he says nothing. If so, the Covenent would their own Cortana and all heck would break loose. However, there is another thing: Gravemind. She may have found a way to talk to him again and learned the same info. Also, he may have told her everything about the Flood. Every secret kept. Everything. But, my opinion goes wayyyyy out there so... **Shrug**
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I think that cortana is going rampant. IT is her time to go crazy basically. SHe doens't know what she's doing.

What are the odds that MC will have to battle cortana at the end of Halo 3?
Well, maybe she would become so powerful that she would be able to manifest herself in a simulated solid form, or she might hack into another spartan or dangerous piece of machinery. But I wouldn't know for sure, I don't even have an Xbox. I just read the graphic novels.
well at the end of halo 2. She is on Halo with Gravemind. She isn't inside Master Chiefs head. She is apart.
1) I would like to start by saying hi to everyone here. The site is great and the posts are new and thought provoking. With this said I'll get to the meat of my post...

2) First, Gh0stGunn3r, did you find a transcript for the preview? (If you did could you link it plz ? thx) I don't want to be rude or anything considering I'm the "new guy" here but I thought she said " I have defined Gods and Demons" and "I am your shield. I am your sword. ", but I may be wrong, it's just what I thought she said... ( I don't have the best sound on my comp)

Anyways, I think that when she says "defined Gods and Demons" she is saying that she made John what he is and was. Without her he would have been just another soldier. Also if she said defined ten it may mean that we may be able to choose the course of the game. (Similar to KoTR) We may be able to save the world or destroy it. Now wouldn't that be cool!

The whole I am your shield and sword thing may mean that she defended you from the flood and the covenant and now you will use here as a weapon.

Ya, that’s about what I got out of the preview....
she said...

i have defied gods and demons...
i am your shield, i am your sword...
i know you, your past, your future...
this, is the way the world ends.

also, i thought the ring shaped structures in the backround were the orbital defense platforms? you know, the super-MACs? because the purple ring things with the green energy going through them were all the way on high charity, hundreds of light years away?
Hm. Yes. Well, there was much speculation concerning exactly what Cortana said. But, yes, that makes sence... But, for her to speak like that is odd, nonetheless. I mean, she's an A.I. and, at her core, she is designed to "think" rationally I.E. like a machine. If she is implying that the Chief would not be where he was without Cortana, she may be seeking a bit of credit. However, it also seems like he is nothing without her and we can probably all agree that a Spartan can do just fine without Cortana- but she does help alot. So... is she letting this "get to her head" or what? Obviously she plays a big part in Halo 3 or the creaters would not have put her in the trailer. The words mean something, but we don't know because the game isn't out yet and Bungie won't release anything.
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first off, why do you perpetually type in green? it gets kind of annoying at times... say, right now after reading Adam's new thread about H3, where my brain is now partially melted do to the sheer awe-bringing magnificange of it...

um... anyways... agreed, spartans are very capable without AIs, but they help a lot. as for Cortana thinking like a machine, ill have to dissagree with you on that. she is highly emotional, often handing out witty comments, sarcasm, critisism, etc. in fact, Cortana is different from all the other AIs in that all the others were created by running electricity through a recently past away person's brain, where as Cortana was made by running electricity through a 'living' clone of Dr. Halsey's brain, the genius behind the SPARTAN II program. also, AIs are not programmed with a set personallity or even look, they choose that on their own.
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