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    Exiles hood W.I.P.

    The helm i printed turned out a touch too small for me, so I haven't worked on it in a while. Now that taken king is out I am also working on more files, so I will either turn this thread into a pep file dump kinda thing, or just make a new thread for pep files once I have more release ready.
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    Exiles hood W.I.P.

    You have to mess with scale and something else that I can't remember off the top of my head. I'll post it when I remember, and as I am moving on to getting the helm of the exile ready for pep it will hopefully be soon.
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    Exiles hood W.I.P.

    Been a while since I've done anything, but now I am starting on a destiny thing. Been meaning to get back into building props, so I'm gonna start simple. Pulled the exiles hood file from and then opened it up in blender, cleaned it up, added int he eye slit...
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    Toacrabman's Reach build. Letstry this again.

    Ok, ToaCrab. Man. ( :D ) Do you know how to edit your posts? 5/6 posts on one page should not be one person. Not to sound mean or evil. But multiposting can get you in trouble.
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    Toacrabman's Reach build. Letstry this again.

    Hmm... Might be a bad download. Have you tried redownloading. And as The site says, "Collada (*.dae) format support was added. (Still not stable.)".
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    Toacrabman's Reach build. Letstry this again.

    It should. If your using V3. Havent had a working personal comp for a little while, but it shouldnt have changed.
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    yea, ive got Alphonse. All is ready, but the chest needs arm holes.

    yea, ive got Alphonse. All is ready, but the chest needs arm holes.
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    jtm1997's reach pilot, emile, recon, odst, deadmau5, Scout, and daft punk helmet peps

    Man. If i had free time. Or a working comp. Or a printer that felt like working. I would be all over this. But alas. I am busy. :((
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    Pepakura Requests

    I remember that file. Not a great pep file. Im compless atm (On break at work), but when i get a new comp ill try to fix it. Again.
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    Pepakura Requests

    Ive got Alphonse. Not ed. I think it still needs to be unfolded though. Ill see when i get home about the models for alphonse. All that i can remember needing to be done is the chest needs arm holes and for them to be unfolded.
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    Odst Car..

    Ill have to see if i can find a modeling program that works on ubuntu. And if i have the file up. If not, Kinda boned. Yea, its not on my 4shared. And my old hdd has wiped itself already. ill have to see about regetting the file and fixing it again. i like this project.
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    Who watches Dr. Who?

    Yes. Its scary. Hate netflix a little now. Yea. but netflix doesnt have very many old episodes. Really hard to watch the original doctors. :(
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    Pepakura Requests

    If you mean pokemon i think there are some on the tamasoft website. In the gallary. Ill get links. Well not there, ill look more. (Just saw them somewhere.) Looks like they are all .pdo files.
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    Rhinoc might have to say goodbye

    Yea, i think a break might be in order. My parents kinda support it, but only really cause im good at it so far. They dont really think its a proper application of my time. Its mainly cause my brother doesnt do anything at home, so im expected to pick up slack. And try to find a job in an...
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    best tuesday ive ever had!!! and thanks to the forums

    Thats awesome. Im gonna need a link to stuff wen its up.