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    Gears 3 COG Chestpiece

    Hm. Well I'm thinking that I could probably get away with it, thanks for the image though. It helped in understanding what you mean better. When I finish resining it, I'll put up another image.
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    My Amp Suit From Avatar

    I second what he said. Did you take any "in progress" photos?
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    Gears 3 COG Chestpiece

    Anthony, I sent you a link to the COG Armor thread on Facebook. Okay so I cut further down the neckline though I imagine that the neckline would be lower since Marcus and the other COGs are wearing sleeveless shirts. I also found another descrepancy that I wonder how I could fix. There's...
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    Complete Noob List

    The prices and amount of materials involved are mind boggling! I won't need the majority of the mounting materials for the project I'm working on but the thread is certainly helpful for those who will need all of that.
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    10 things that you may or may not want to know about Bondo.

    #7 makes me glad, considering I actually do have a fabric measuring tape. Besides finding a respirator, the only thing I'm worried about is smoothing out the piece unevenly, though I assume that it requires some practice.
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    Gears 3 COG Chestpiece

    So after weeks of silently lurking the forums and reading over stickied threads over and over, I finally decide to participate in the community, though I've already started my first project. Though I think I'm off to a great start, I was wondering how convincing the pepped chest piece looks...
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    New Recruit Orientation Video

    Thanks for the vid. I thought it was very informative and friendly. If more forums could put a face to "the rules" and not shield themselves behind a veil of anonymity that the internet grants, there would be less "noobish" mistakes.
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    So..Who else won't have armor for Reach?

    I don't have the time between working and school to try and attempt a Reach armor. I'm still working on my COG armor for GoW3! :[