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  • Get the acetone and soak the paint brush in there after use this will extend the life of your paint brush a little bit. Oh clean your inbox because it's full.
    I remeber building the Harnor Pre model file that had been editied for an easier build but I don't think its available anymore, I haven't seen the file, someone else asked me for the file but I could not locate it, your best bet is to build the one that looks easiest to build, I only built one helmet and got lucky on the first pep so I didn't try out any of the other models so I can't really give you any advice on the other files, I always look for the models with the least amount of detail because they are hard to pep I then just add my own details while im doing the body work, also if you practice with pep designer you can unfold the model to make it easier to build, I did this with the file I used also but my hard drive crashed and I no longer have the easy to build unfold anymore
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Nov 26, 1988 (Age: 35)
Puerto Rico


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