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  • Holy crap. It has been a hectic week no month. From rigs flipping over on lease roads to exploding iron from over pressuring. I am handling three wells. Yup I said three wells one mechanic and it has been crazy. My oldest daughter just turned three and she went crazy on her birthday, as far as three year olds can. I think she is going to be a pyro as she wanted me to keep lighting the candles. My younger daughter is going to be two in Jan. And she is my little mini me. She is a destructive force of nature. That little girl is something else but she is my little sweetheart. My pep work is coming along slowly. Taking pics and I get far enough along I will post them. Currently I am working on the locust helm from h4, daft punk, and grey fox from mgs.
    Oh man oh man uncle Sam is going to love me. I put in 182 hour in 10 days. My daughters birthday is coming up and instead of toys she wants a new bedroom set from the Disney collection and she is only going to be three. She, well actually both of my daughters are going to be spoiled like my little princesses that they are. I have gotten very far on my pep stuff, work and daughters equals little time for me and then they go and destroy what I built. The set backs are piling up but if you really want something you just go to knuckle up get after it. Good luck to any one reading this.
    It is hot in the Texas oil fields. It was 112 degrees ambient and 124 degrees in between the frac pumps. Hot hot hot did I mention it was hot. Had to stay at a man camp for this shift the food was ok but I got stuck with a dirty room mate. Yeah some people never grow up expecting people to clean up after them.
    Good luck to all of you peppers, keep on working hard on your armor , weapons and helmets.
    Ok so now my younger daughter is running around (1.5yr) and my older daughter is learning how to lie. Yeah, how the heck do they know to lie and how to use it. Work is great and all of the guys finally stopped treating me like the new guy and who invented this process of treating the new guy like crap until a prescribed amount of time. Either way they are a great bunch of people. Today is our 15 yr party at work, wuhooo free food and loot.looking to close on a new house, 2500 sqft for 128g not bad.hopefully they accept ky offer of 118. Wish me luck. Good luck Leo. Wait what who said that? Lack of sleep is making type crazy stuff. Your not crazy Leo. Thank you finally someone on my side.
    Crayon plus hot Texas sun equals a lot of scrubbing. Hugs and kisses from my two year daughter deflated my attempt to scold her. How do they do it. I guess I am a big time sucker. I ended up apologizing to her for what she did. SUCKER. And I bought her a new toy. I am a bad father, but I love them more than anything and myself included.
    My two yr old daughter went to town with a crayon on the interior of my Lincoln mkz. But as I said before she can do no wrong in my eyes. I see as it her learning how to draw.
    Have you ever had something that you really liked be destroyed by someone that you really love. Well my two year old daughter gotq into my pep stash and decided that she would rearrange the locus h4 helmet. Ha, I really love her more than myself, in my eyes she can do no wrong......well, except for marrying an idiot db. But I got a shotgun for that problem.
    I just realized how fast may went by, oh wait its June, wait.....what. the end of June already. So, changing shifts from days to nights every week has got me extremely confused, and the fact that my shift starts at different days each time has made my concept of a work week to totally disappear. My two year old daughter told my wife to get out of her room yesterday, I have a feeling I am going to need two shotguns for when she starts dating. After coming of my last shift I was to tired to pep after playing with my daughters, so it is going to be a slow process for me. I just preordered halo 4 limited or legendary edition, because I want to watch the halo movie that comes with it.
    I just started to build the halo 4 locus helmet and holy crappy it has a lot of small folds. It will be a slow process but I will it get done..............I think, I hope, eventually, maybe. I just bought a lincoln mk z sedan dark blue with white leather interior, and my daughters love it. Don't think I am bragging but I am happy to get something nice for me and my daughters.
    Thanks a lot! I am going to do upgrades/adjustments. Most noticeably, my belly plates are going to be longer. >.>
    I'm going to take a break from armor for a while. I'm going to enjoy this one for a bit. :D
    I don't understand what goes on inside my wifes' head, or maybe it is the lack of anything going on in there. I went home on my days off to spend time with my daughters and she tells me that she is going to let her sister take care of them for a week in laredo, keep in mind that I have not seen them in a week and I had to come back on Sunday night for a meeting and class on Monday, which cut into my four day time off. So she decides to take them to her sisters' house cutting my time with with my daughters to only one day and now won't be able to see them until next Thursday almost two weeks from this post, and she is questioning me in regards to me being mad at her. I am not saying that I am perfect and with out any faults to my credit but to keep a man's children from him is just on an other level. I know and understand that you are only reading one side of the story, but let's just say i am not perfect again.
    Got a new comp. Instead of a laptop it has 4gigs of ddrm 1 terabyte of disc space and it is enclosed on the the screen, no tower just screen mouse and key board, built in web cam and wifi. It is a 64 bit operating system with Windows7 home premium all for under 650$. Now to find all of needed programs for pep and to find all of the 6 gigs of pep files I had accumulated, so if any one knows the links to the 405th pep stash please let me know. I probably should not be using the vistor messages as as personal daily or whenever diary or blog but no one has told other wise yet. I just hope it is not a no no. Bad Leo bad. Oh well. I wish I had more time to balance between my daughters work and pep. They weren't kidding when they said that peping takes time.
    new job is really laid back and stress free, less work and more money. explain leo explain. well, i don't have to travel all over gods green earth for work now i am stationary, working in the same shop work with a bunch of crazy funny people and my boss isn't riding me like i am a rented donkey. sure i am away from my daughters but after the end of my se7en day shift i get to stay home for 4 days non stop no phone ringing calling leo to go to work at middle of the night due to some oil rig is down.
    good news, i start my new job on monday. bad news had a really messy seperation from my old job and after what they did to me on my exit interview i know i made the right choice for me and my daughters. i am really glad to be gone from my old job and into my new one that pays great and has great benifits aswell.

    should i bury my laptop or should i give it a cremation? she is a goner no salvation. first comp that i can't revive without extensive under carriage work. new parts total close to new comp price.
    Ooooohhhhh yeah buddy. I am in the process of getting a new job that pays. I hope this does not sound like bragging but, I am extremely excited for me and my daughters.
    My laptop with all my working pep files just died. It is going to get a watery grave if I am unable to fix it. Does anyone know where to find the file system 32/config/system for Windows 7 64bit . I can normally fix my own comps (nerd) but I can't seem to be able to copy the said file while it is operating, I tried xcopy and robocopy in command prompt but still couldn't copy short of running a strong magnet across my two year old laptop I have tried everything to fix it any help will be greatfully accepted
    Pretty crazy lookin' under suit file! I bet you will have an awesome under suit once you are done. I had no idea that anyone had gone in and made a file like that!

    I'm not sure if you've sewn a lot or made patterns before, but if you haven't, I noticed a few things you might want to keep in mind as you go: you should be sure to think about seem allowance for your template pieces (you'll need at least an extra 1/4" along each edge that needs to be sewn, instead of the tabs)...also you may want to think about simplifying some of the pieces. Fabric is much from malleable than paper, so some of the crazy piece layouts may not be totally necessary in order to achieve the shape that you're looking for.

    Good luck with everything! :)
    Yaaaayyyyy, i just got blender i hope can learn this so that i don't add this to my list of things i am no good at, one of them being not good at making a list of things i am not good at.

    eehh! a vistor post to myself , hooww interesting, its like sending a post card to myself to my home address. my head hurts
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one of these days i am gonna grow up to be a chibi spartan

writing, drawing, pep, cooking, playing with my daughters
May 6, 1977 (Age: 47)
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