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    Fantastic Ships Display!

    Cooool, Thanks for the Link!
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    Belakor's Pepakura Files

    .. wow..very awesome work, hehe,, I started to drool on my keyboard.,, Nice!
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    110Lbs Cardstock ?

    That is a Idea! thankx, I will use that idea when I build my Big Pelican. Oh. another possible way to make things more lower cost is I had a guy at a local car shop tell me to use old T-shirts in-place of the fibber mat, I will try that out on my Junk hand plate first just to see how well it...
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    110Lbs Cardstock ?

    as a Idea, I went to a local recycle place in town, everyone brings in there news papers, magazines, Paper stuff.. Well as we went to drop off all our old news papers, I found a Box of heavy folders, "a few Hundred in the box" So I took them home and cut them down to the same size as my printer...
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    Fantastic Ships Display!

    I downloaded the Pelican, and not opened it yet, But OMG.. 1.35MB wow... I think I will finish my armor first and buy more Ink for my printer :) I don't know if one is out there or not, but I would also attempt a warthog :)
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    Get Your "progression Signatures" Here!

    Thank You So Much for The Sig Generator Post ! I will playing with this today :)
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    Props Crackerjack's Rocket Launcher Build

    Very Interesting, Keep up the Work!
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hello to All. here is a little about my self Name: Dan Cochran Profession: stay at home Dad and Web design Age: 29 Favorite Hobby: halo, R/C trucks, Out site Landscaping, And my Graden Favorite part of halo: The Story line of halo 1 and 2, and the multiplayer Lan. Favorite Halo: 2...