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    At the moment, I have no plans for a 2nd suit. I still haven't worn the first in public yet! lol However, there seem to be quite a few events coming up that I plan to wear my Mark VI to, so it will be used. Other than that, with the announcement of new Halo games, I may wait to see what else is coming. Making a Reach suit now seems a bit "outdated" (to me) already considering there will be 3 more games with Master Chief. If I decide to make another suit, I'll be sure to post like I did with my Mark VI! Thanks for the comments!
    oh.. it's Halloween NEXT year! and I am working for VERY little pay..I am starting soon, I am working my butt off.. my dad says I have to finish my go kart project first.. but I have scaled everything, and I have worked out most of the details.. I should be uploading a weapon tutorial soon though!!
    Oh, well. I kinda gave up on it a few months ago. Reason was I couldn't access the 405th on my Laptop so there was no way I could continue. I gave rights to "soul products" to restart the thread. Try contacting him about it.
    thanks, and yea a while ago(2 months) its my favorite mushroom drawing, trying to do another kind of like it but in a smaller sketch pad, but i hate colors...im partially colorblind and its a pain coloring them. one of my few colored pieces of art.

    thats my profile pic derp, im still trying to get used to 405th user stuff.
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