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    How To Scale A Pep File

    Ben this piece of information is exactly what I needed!!! Again thank you for sharing all of your info with the members of the 405th!!!!
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    How To Make A Helmet From Pep To Finish

    Wow!! Great videos Ben!!! I can't wait till you start bondoing the Reach helmet video. I live not too far from Beaumont too, but not in the great state of Texas (I live Sulphur, LA). My wife goes to Lamar in Orange for nursing, so it'll be the perfect excuse for me to run to your shop in...
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    What Does Your Username Mean?

    I'm Samoan (we're like Hawaiians....but bigger and better looking) and I used to work as a bouncer in CA. There was this drunk rich lawyer that was causing trouble in the bar and trying to grope some of the waitresses and the other bouncers didn't want to touch him because he liked to sue...
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    How To Make A Helmet From Pep To Finish

    Ben, are you going add the next video? You do not know how much this has helped me with my helmet builds. Are they going to be up soon or is that a different set of videos on a different topic?
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    Location Shout Outs: Unity

    •FORUM NAME: SamoanHitman •NAME: Daniel Tuia'ana •LOCATION: Now:Dequincy, Louisiana ; In 30 days: Sulphur, Louisiana •SKILLS: SWAT Training, crowd control, shoot tactical weapons and less-than lethal munitions, play video games, noob at Pepping, fiberglassing and painting, baby sitter...
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    Using Spray Adhesive To Hold Down Fiberglass Cloth.

    Thanks guys for all the input. I went ahead and used it anyways and it worked pretty good. Instead of resin, I used resin + bondo mixture (Rondo) and it did a great job. Some areas are soft so i'll go back to the regular resin procedure on my next project. Oh and Daflea, I meant inside the...
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    Hawaii Odst Helm Paint Wip

    Brah, dat is frigging AWESOME!!! Wea you from in Hawaii nei? I'm from Hauula and my all my sistahs still live ova dea!!! GREAT JOB!!!! Oh, if you need some paint brah, tell me and I can find some down ova hea in Louisiana. K-den!!
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    Half Scale Ironman Armor

    That is so AWESOME!!!! I tried doing the same thing (cept with a Master Chief armor) but couldn't get it done in time due to work. This totally inspires me to prepare several months in advance next halloween. Great Job Atlas!!!
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    Using Spray Adhesive To Hold Down Fiberglass Cloth.

    Does anyone know if it is ok to spray adhesive into a resined helmet, lay fiberglass cloth on top, and rondo over it? I tried the traditional way of fiberglassing inside with horrible results. Some of the cloth lifted up during resining and became hard leaving several sharp edges. Any...
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    How did you find us?

    My son found this website and asked me to read it to him (he's four). I looked through the entire site and was hooked!!!!
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Daniel Tuia'ana Profession: ConocoPhillips Reformer Operator Age: 38 Favorite Hobby: Weightlifting, Video Games, Guns. Favorite part of halo: The multiplayer Favorite Halo: 2 Favorite Video Game: COD: Modern Warfare, Halo Other Interests: Martial Arts and Gunsmithing Favorite Food...