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    Let The Madness Begin, Or My Warthog Build.

    You couldn't have picked a better base vehicle. I have built many K5's so if you need any info, or parts hit me up! I hate to see a blazer become something else, but I don't know what could be cooler then a warthog! Can't wait to see more.
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    Warthog Possible Suspension Close To Game

    Motor wise, I'd say turbo cummings. If this were a real life build, and it was more function over looks, I would run a typical triangulated 4 link with 1 ton axles. But if looks were critical, then it would be mostly custom. You kind of have to settle with a happy medium.
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    Why Are The Forums Pink?

    Hah, thanks Seno 'Ypsamee for the tip, the pink was a little bright :p
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    Mkvi Helm Update - Almost Finished

    I think you could do alot more to make the helmet look better. It looks like you just sanded off a layer of bondo and painted it. Stick with it, your this far already, make it the best that you can.
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    Ultimate Iron Man Thread Continued

    Indeed, From the first series. Don't mean the hi-jack your thread, again AMAZING work on the ironman pep, I'll post up pics when I get it done!
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    Ultimate Iron Man Thread Continued

    Best iron man pep yet! Mad props bro! You should do a green ranger helmet for me :D
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    Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    Very nice work, I love how detailed you planned it. Keep it up!
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    New Member First Projects Update (3/23)

    Your work is epic, I can only hope my stuff turns out half as good.
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    My Halo 3 Handgernade

    Very nice work, Looks good!
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    Sorry If This Has Been Discussed?

    Thanks bro! Maybe I should work on my armor more. I might get there faster! :not worthy:
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    My Fallout 3 Gun Models

    Nice work man! What program do you use for modeling, I'd love to get into it but not real sure where to start.
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    Im Really Stupid

    Sucks man, sometimes $#!T happens, just make sure to wear some safety glasses next time. Hope your doing well.
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    Sorry If This Has Been Discussed?

    I always see people talking about how they got certain armor parts from members, is there a classified section that you can only access after so many posts or what? Just curious, so I figured I'd ask, tried searching but came up with nothing. Thanks doods! :D
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    When All You Have Is A Hammer... 5/3 Final

    Very nice work, I'm amazed at what some of you guys make out of some materials. Keep it up man!
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    Iron Man Heavy Artillery Armor

    Keep it up man! I cannot wait to see this complete!