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    halo reach custom foam armor wip

    Sky, Are you saying that you will cut your pieces out to the size you want them OR cut it out leaving a 1/2 inch left on each side to then be "sanded" down to your angles you want them? I am using the templates are well. if you cut the shaped out prefect it is fine but i am left with no...
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    The Irish Cowboy's Foam Reach Build

    Great work there! What do you use to cut your foam? I am using kitchen scissors and the work good but leave some nics here and there. How do you get your cuts (especially your angel cuts) so well?
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    Macattack64 Mark VI Spartan Build

    That was a long awaited update Mac! Like the color combo. Smooth sanding. The sizing looks good as well.
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    Noble Team: A Reach Collaboration Wip

    Brandon! Been awhile since I checked up on your work. Looks great!!! I wish we lived closer so I could lend you a hand on this and learn the process better on this. I like how the forearms turned out in the flexfoam. They have this great worn look to them already so with a little...
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    Rate your Armor

    Dave, thanks for responding. Though I disagree with with this idea I do agree with the changes that keep us moving forward. New things are always popping up here I that is what keeps everything here moving forward. I find that great! I just think that personal WIP topics by members is the place...
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    Rate your Armor

    I have to disagree to this topic. After being on the site for 3 and half years this is not a good idea. This is not "" We don't "rate" each others armor. This is a community of members helping members learn and do the best they can in this craft. This topic is unfair since it...
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    LED Covers I use these. Just awesome! Very good price. I use the 10mm LED's. Look great. No "covers" needed.
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    Feb. 12, 2011 - I hate to only be posting because of this but I have another recast of my helmet on ebay. But I believe it is the same person as listed below but with a new name. Please read the post below to get filled in on the past info. Please don't post a reply to go spam this person...
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    Props Sean Bradley's ODST Backpack Build

    I saw this when you first posted your pics on Photobucket. Really nice detail and your process with the molds is very cool to. Good idea to keep your vac molds from being destroyed from use.
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    A NEW SHERIFF IS IN TOWN PUNKS!!!!! (Unique build plan)

    "Don't ever double post, please." Lets be nice guys. Glad you are excited about your good looking pep work. Just try not to double post unless you have an update or need to respond to a post. I have found it very handy to use the post edit tool to add new thoughts that I forgot. The Double...
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    Why can't we be friends?

    As a long time member here (longer than anyone who has posted so far) Ithica does make a good point. I have seen the age of members dropping to younger and younger. I'm am not saying this is bad but you just have to expect that there are many teenagers on here who grew up with the internet and...
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    ODST Combat Drop into STGCC 2010 [Pic Heavy!]

    Awesome!!! Go Team Singapore! Well Done! Bloody Good! The SB ODST's look even better when there is 7 of them all finished and together!
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    Goodbye 405th

    You'll be missed. You joined right after I did so I have seen how much you have done to help develop the community. Go and spread your wings!
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    Possible Ebay Scam & Pep Images Copyrights Please use the links...
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    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2011 405th Participation Discussion

    Not to spoil the fun but I think for the Macy's and the Rose Parade you have to be invited to be in it. You can't just sign up. It might be wise to look into that first before everyone shows up in gear. But as an idea it would be a fun, very long march!