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    Halo: Reach Emile helmet video

    From where to where on your head did you measure for the scaling of the helmet?
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    Scaling Questions

    For pieces that have extra pieces extending off of them, like Emile's helmet, is there a specific amount that i should add on the compensate for those extra pieces?
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    Scaling Questions

    I scaled it now to the correct size but due to the ratio it causes the other dimensions, like the depth, to become way to big. Is there a way to fix this in the program? or do i have to make it smaller afterwords?
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    Scaling Questions

    The File is from noble 6 but im doing Emile
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    Scaling Questions

    Ah i thing thats my issue i am measuring from a little above my elbow to a little below my shoulder. Which came out to be around 180 - 185 mm
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    Scaling Questions
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    Scaling Questions

    This is the sholder piece. Way too small right?
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    Scaling Questions

    I have been having a few issues scaling a few of the pieces. Like the arm parts, when i scaled it to the correct size, and started to build it, the big top part was way past my elbow. I noticed that this part is longer than the rest but when you scale it is that included the extended part? like...
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    Scaling Halo Reach Forearms

    I did that and the big top-plate thing extends past my elbow. Is this too long?
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    Scaling Halo Reach Forearms

    When i looked at the size of the forearm pieces, and noticed that they are only 5 inches long. However, when i measure my arm, it came out to be around 8 inches from the bottom of my elbow to the top of my wrist. Do the Spartans just have really short arms? or am i measuring from the wrong spots?
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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    How do you scale the shoulder and forearm attachments in proportion with the shoulder and forearm? or do you not have to do that?
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    I was wondering what people usually fill there molds with. what kind of material do people have the most success with?
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    I was wondering if anyone has tinted a visor for a helmet themselves. I was looking at building the E.V.A helmet, and since i have to make a custom visor for it i would need to tint it gold, but havn't been able to find any supplies.
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    ODST lens

    Is there a place to buy the odst helmet lens? or are there ways to make it? it just seems like a normal motorcycle visor just won't cut it with this helmet
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    is there a way to measure the pieces as i scale them up?