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  • Yes, I feel bad I never got to say goodbye to anyone... But I was so busy trying to get my shiz together... I will be home in December-- Hopefully i'll see you then! :D We can hang out when i'm in town~! :3

    I hope you're having fun with the basement nerds so far! <3
    do i have to print out cut out to start the shape of the helmet
    I haven't had the chance to try hardening the foamies, but I did make a duct-tape dummy of myself. =) I'm gonna start work on my chest piece. As for everyone else, Rusty's been working on sculpts at home, Rick and Keith's been pepping stuff, and I'm not sure about the rest. Feel free to come over next week. Just let me know when. (I work better when people are here...)
    Hey Kirrou, thanks for all the great pep files you've shared with us. They are purty to say the least. I've got the shoulders and helmet tester done, working on the HD helmet right now.
    I'll sort through my stuff for you and hook you up. I know I've got MkV B and Jun, but I didn't do screenshots of the ODST in Reach - because it looked exactly as it did in H3:ODST. I should have a bunch that I took from that game though.
    ahaha well the benifit of living in australia is the awefull time difference, its only 5:45 pm here!
    the build is going pretty well actually, just starting to model the upper robot part of kats arm, so thats an interesting learning experience..
    ahah what about you? i saw your odst wip and its looks pretty good :p
    so why the late night for you then ? :D
    Started on the hinged shoulderplate the other night- going quickly and smooth- about 50% done in a half hour of work. My printer was dead for a week and slowed my progress.
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