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    Just had a thought while I was piecing some armor together: I've never seen the back, shoulder, or butt-pads for the ODST's. Do those files exist?

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    Iv down loaded Pepakura Viewer but I don't know how to get anything on the screen all I can get is the sample pictures the dice and gift box I want to get a halo helmet but I don't know how PLEAS HELP!
    First and foremost, thank you for the amazing pep files. your HD ODST helmet is the first one that i completed after roughly 40 hrs of work. keep up the amazing work and thanks for sharing!
    Hey man! i wanted to thank you for posting your pep files. i'm currently working on an ODST build and your files seem to be the best available. keep it up man, you rock!
    Chuck Norris never needs to resize his armor, it adjusts itself out of fear. But then again the notion that Chuck Norris NEEDS armor is just silly.
    lol dude, remember that i thought that the helmet was so small ? well it was not, in fact it was too big for me i think xD, im 1.80 , but even as the helmet was the size aproximately like yours, i think it was a little big for me, so i'll print it & fold it again at a small scale =D, now that i have some notions it may be easiest for me to do that =)
    Interesting. I'll see what I can jerry-rig up. Your HD helmet is AWESOME, btw, but a royal pain if you don't get it just right. lol. Thanks for it.
    Just had a thought while I was piecing some armor together: I've never seen the back, shoulder, or butt-pads for the ODST's. Do those files exist?
    I just used a p.o.s. old motorcycle visor and its only a temporary visor for tommarow night. and I do not at the moment but I will be at superstition mall for the midnight release. They are spose to have a bigger croud.
    Sorry to keep buggin ya, dude, but I haven't got any messages anywhere. Should be able to message my board now, though...
    Well I shall be goin to superstition mall for the release of halo reach with my white odst helmet. I got a visor intalled temporaroly for the release.
    Do you have any idea were to get an Halo 3 ODST visor. I am in desperate need of one please help Im willing to pay $40 and I need it to be tinted black and I got my phone today so text me. Also I need the visor desperatly before midnight release of halo reach D:
    Well, got your message. Tried another download, and it still won't load into either pepakura viewer 3 or pepakura designer 3. Sorry about the message board dealio and e-mail. I'll have to try and fix that. Anyway, what would you suggest about the forearms?
    Kirrou, I really really appreciate the HD forearms you did. They look absolutely wonderful. However, I have an issue getting them to load into the program. It says that it is unable to load file type, or something like that. This may be a noob question, but how would one go about solving this??? Just curious. I am working on your helmet now, also. :) Will keep ya posted.
    the size is not too bad, tweeked those crazy interior panel things. And by that I mean totally deleted them. [i totally wear it around the house]
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