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  • Hey I'm new to halo armor/weapon making and so I turn to a pro and ask if you gan give me any pointers for my project. I am making halo armor for the character Nobel Six as well as either a DMR with a magnum or a AR with a magnum. Either way I'm making my Nobel Six armor. So think you could help me out?
    Amazing we have the same birthday! Thank you for the message and have a great birthday yourself! (hopefully with many, many more to come!)


    You are truly amazing. i have just one question, how did you get into this hobby, and do you make props for things besides halo?
    @linkgreenleaf , i think he was commisioned to build that, so he doesn't have it any more, he gave it to somone. lee might be able to tell you who that somone is and you can ask them :)
    Hey Lee, Ever though of making the DMR or modifying a cast(cuz you shouldn't ruin the master) of the Battle Rifle?
    Lee! You are an amazing craftsman. Your weapon work absolutely inspires me to no end. Keep up the good work! I plan to start either an Assault rifle or a Halo 3 Battle Rifle soon. Hope I can at least see a glimpse of your master craftsmanship in my creation.
    I must seem like one of the many others who are interested in buying one of your kits. I'll check your thread from time to time for updates with molds if you plan to do any or whatnot. Nonetheless, great craftsmanship on the pistol I can't believe you made it re loadable as well!
    I i want that sick looking magum
    do you sell any of the handguns just plastic from mold without all the amazing triggers and not painted? if you do how much would it be your stuff is awsome and i dont feel like making a pepakura pistol so i'm trying to buy one
    Hey there I was wondering if you could give any helpful hints to a beginer at how to start or any easier ways to make armor and weapons contact me at rkvoyager8@gmail.com
    Hey, I sent you a message on your YouTube account, but I'm not sure how often you check it. I hope I'm not bugging you, but if you could e-mail me at smigglymuffinpuff@gmail.com, I would be in your debt. Thank you and stay safe!

    I dont post here much but I collect master replicas, not the brand but from artists and I really like your work. Please send me an email with some information about your exquisite collection. daron@alphakilts.com
    hey lee, if you know of any blueprints for the reach pistol can you please send me them?

    email is dansgeo@gmail.com

    I was wondering How much the BR55 cost if you were to sell them? You can e mail me at Matteo304@hotmail.com i am a halo collector and your BR55 would be a great addition to my collection
    it would be great if you could sell me some weapons

    p.s. they don't have to be painted.
    Hey LeeKegan Can you email me pictures of the blueprints on the BR55 and the steps you took to complete it my email is Matteo304@hotmail.com
    it would be really appreciated.

    hey lee i was interested in what molds you have made up. if you could please shoot me an email to suv32006@gmail.com i would appreciate it. I started cutting out my cardstock for that gun but i just am not certain i will like the final product now... i might try to find a different file for the reach pistol. i noticed a lot of gaps is the reason i dont quite like the unfold.
    Lee, do you make anything that isn't wooden? I want a fiberglass weapon, so it's not so damn heavy.

    How much would you charge for a Battle Rifle, BR55, the same way you would make them, normally?
    How much for Sniper? (Don't know what it's officially called)
    Email me at Grindelwald09@hotmail.com
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