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  • Hey Lee
    Please send me an email here:

    Its about the Article for your Silenced SMG, I will justa sk you a couple a questions :)

    Hey Lee,

    I forgot your email so I figured I'd ask you on here. Do you have any of those lovely curvey knives available?

    Thanks Lee :)
    Lee, I was curious if you are interested in a trade? I am looking for an MA5C Assault rifle.

    please send me an e-mail. jlhr2 @shaw .ca
    i watch your videos and i was wondering, could you send me the blueprints for a m6d or the reach sniper rifle? im new to the site and i need some professional help. thanks.
    I recently bought the smg odst off you and love it. I saw that people are asking you for purchasing resin sniper rifles, if you started to produce them, can you contact me with the price? Im addicted to your work and thinks it's incredible. D.frick1984@gmail.com
    Id like to have a halo reach shotgun kinda like the sniper rifle you made for dreads {wooden and working parts} and I like to know a price of one if you could make me one. and by the way I cant get a hold of dreads for a sniper rifle? could you gat a hold of him and tell him I want one? Please and thank you
    hey, i left a mesage on your thread about your sniper rifle about possibly buying a wooden one ( able to be dissassembled) and iwasn't sure if you would get it, so i thought id leave you a message here, too. im am extremely interested in buying one of the sniper rifles, and if it is not too much trouble, could you send me a quote on the price of one? we can phenagle out the details through email. my email is zgoyer@gmail.com, by the way, so yeah.
    Your weapons ROCK, love your vids. I do have one question since your are obviously the master weaponsmith of the 405th. I am going to be making items for myself and my nephews how would you scale down the weapons 9-10 yr olds. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.
    Hi there, I have a question: I'm using Juliet76's Halo Reach Assault Rifle Blueprints and I was wondering how I would be able to use those blueprints to make one out of wood. Any Suggestions?
    i don't think i can buy a prop, but just theoretically 'if' i were to purchase a resin sniper rifle and magnum off you how much would it cost to buy and ship to South East Queensland, Australia? email is dansgeo@gmail.com
    mr .master woodsman/carpenter/cabinetmaker/of the 405th ..... i was wondering how much a resin weapon of yours would run me shipped to canada ...southern ontario area near toronto..... lets say... the br or sniper cause one is a large and ones a medium ...you know what lets throw in a pistol there so we get all spectrums :p io just need a quote as i cant view the classifieds yet >.<
    I was watching your youtube viseos and I think your work is outstanding. I was developing a script for a fan film and I was wondering how much the sniper rifle would cost? In my second act I have a scene where they are camping and the sniper has field stripped the weapon and is cleaning it. Since the migration I can't pm yet so please email me at anubis4451@yahoo.com. Thanks.
    i saw ur youtube videos and watched them all but i saw no shot gun so i joined 405th to ask u this question have u considered making one cuz i would will to buy one
    If you didn't know, this is CollinKuhl from youtube and i sent you a message about possibly buying one of your items. Check it out!
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