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  • Thanks for the compliment on my armor. I highly doubt it could go up against yours. Yours is just amazing!
    Hey man your suit is absolutely awesome. I was wondering what kind of paint you used and the color? I've been doing some shopping around and have almost given up and had my own custom paint made at $17.50/spray can.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
    Hey Man, Thanks for looking at my stuff. I tried to think of something amazing to say about your suit but you've probably heard it all, so all I have is that Master Chief would be jealous. I know I am lol! Hopefully I'll see you at a convention some time. I'm hoping to get tickets for Comic Con and RTX next year, but who knows if that will happen.
    Double post. Meh! :)

    Sean! How ya been?

    MMMM Sounds like Darth Chief needs a custom made black cape. Like this idea!

    Your not blind... Trust me. My buddy GameMaster has all the foam tutorials here:
    I'm thinking of doing a few myself when I craft a foam one for my scale. :) My winter project.

    I did start a few other things, like the battle hammer, but put it on hold due to other "Life" things getting in the way. I have not lost focus on this project just trying to find the time to do it.

    At the moment I'm getting the winter undersuit modded with EL wire on the spine and the wiring harness for the smartphone/mic/speaker connectors. Can't wait to take some nice low light pics of that.
    ok, I've decided to litter your wall with a double post. o_O But I had the thought come to me that since you already have a red lightsaber, you should totally make a Darth Vader suit. Would be EPIC!!!!!! Plus, to throw people off, you could switch helmets so the master chief wears Darth Vaders' helmet. I think that would be hilarious. Anyway, I just thought I'd plant that seed and see what grew out of it. :p Good luck, and keep up the great work. P.S. Do you have any foam tutorials??? Or
    have I just been to blind to see them?
    I just looked up "Epic master chief pictures halo movie" on google. one of your pictures is on the images tab. :p Told you you were epic. XD
    Yea I saw haha, thanks for the comments! I've got a question for you. Would you be able to tell me approximately how much the 661 Vapor adds to the sides where the torso comes across? I'd like to get started, again, on the torso soon but I want to be sure that the scaling this time is perfect. The only problem is that i need to get a job to make money to buy the vapor haha so I can't get one of my own any time soon.
    Also, I check out my thread, I replied!
    (continuation of previous) I REALLY want to finish the whole thing though! The way I see it, I need to make connections and friends here on 405th to maximize my experience and potential. You also seem like the kind of person who would be willing to help me through my project. I'm not sure whether or not you really are willing to but either way I just want to thank you so much for the inspiration you've given me through this past year! You're project has been and still is the top project keeping me interested, although many have contributed. Thanks again Longshot, you have a real talent.
    Hey Longshot, I'm Ben, otherwise known as Polythemus or Poly. I just had to say how much of an inspiration your suit has been to me! About a year ago I started my suit and since then I've been staring at yours, wishing I could have it haha. I've been on 405th since I started but I've never really been a part of the community, I've just been "stealing" the information from here without giving back. I'm trying to change that now. I've just gotten to college and I've started back up making my suit but it's proved to be a lot more difficult than I had expected. See, what I had done before I got here is I pretty much only made the helmet and pepped the torso. (continued in next post)
    when you took your measurement, did you do it with your underarmour on or did you do it bare chested. because i took the measurement with the underarmour on. is that the way you did it or no?
    aye man, whats the size differences in the inner part of the chest and the outer part of the chest? cause to get that chest piece 1-15 to the right size it takes the height and width to an amazingly huge size which seems excessive to say the least
    I was thinkin of that, thanks.I'll look up some pics and see If i cant get any better reference.
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