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    nice could you help me make aromr and where to go to start
    Saw you at the Expo... great job (was enough to make me not wear my armor lol)
    I'm not really active on the forums but I do have many projects on the go all at pep stage but I've been really motivated by seeing your suit now :D

    Wondering if next years Comic Expo was going to have a 405th table and photo op area like the 501st? I have the funds to make this possible if this sounds like a good idea.

    Just throwing it out there...
    Hey longshot how are you ? It's been a while and I wanted to ctach up with yea.I started my noble six build if you want to see it. Im also doing a modded MRKIII iron man.
    Greetings, oh learned "hyper lethal jedi chief", I know you get asked for help from many a person and alot of new people here. I would ask a boon of you if you would grant it, I wish to create a spartan suit the same as yours, ( minus the current helmet as I think I would prefer to go with the original helmet ( as was in Halo: Combat evolved)). If you could help me in finding any of the files you used to create your suit it would be immensely useful as I am quite, overwhelmed with trying to find anything here.
    With undying gratitude
    i am new at this pep stuff and i am trying to build a iron man suit but i am just stuck what kind of glue do you use to glue your pep together. i got my suit all glued with hot glue but when i went to poly it fell apart i was so pissed thank you for you time i appreciate you time and value your input i am such a noob but i am trying to learn once again thank you

    thanks XD_DEADPOOL69_DX
    hay thanks for getting back to me i am sure your busy and don't need to help i am glad you are cool i am stuck what kind of glue and resin do i need for my pep i am building a iron man suit for Halloween and i am running out of time your the man thank you for your time :cool::confused:

    hey Longshot! couple quick questions...My armor is pepped and ready for resin, and I put in the support struts for the pieces but I dont recall seeing it in your process....any reason?

    Oh, and where can I buy the gloves, I liked the ones you used :) I also have a sixsixone pressure suit, mine is medium but Im hoping it doesnt make the upper body big and the lower half small :/ any suggestions? THANKS!
    hey i am a noob at this and could use some help if you would let me pick your brain i would be most grateful thanks for your time hope to hear from you thanks

    XD DeadPool XD
    Thank you very much for the nice comment, It really helps when working on a prject like this, helps keep the motivation going also it helps to keep me on track at trying to do the best I can, also your build is a great motivational tool not only for me but I beleive for many of the members here on the 405th
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