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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    Excellent work there Ruze!!! Thanks a lot for taking the time to finish this :p. One question: Is there already an unfolded file for your most recent Commando helmet?? I think it was called Carter Helmet V2 or something, I haven't located it. I would appreciate it if someone help me with it...
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    Another Reach Mark V Torso

    OMG, thanks both for your help, I really appreciate it. That formula will help a lot. Thanks fellows!!!!I gotta get to work with this baby heheh.
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    Another Reach Mark V Torso

    That's an amazing pep dude, one question, where did you get the file for the float part on the back of the torso, i don't know the actual name of the part, but it is that one on the lower back. I would love you to help me get it. Thanks. and also thanks to L3X for this excellent model.
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    Mass Effect N7 armor edit

    OMG, im not a big fan of Mass Effect but I must admit you have done a great work with the models, almost make me wanna make a male armor xD. Great job man, and thanks for sharing the files!!! CHeers!
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    Predator Bio's

    Hey rhinoc those are excellent models, nice work! Thanks for sharing them, I was looking forward to make a predetor mask, thanks a lot!!!!
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    jtm1997's reach pilot, emile, recon, odst, deadmau5, Scout, and daft punk helmet peps

    Bro, the links are not working, it says the files may have been moved to other direction. I really love the work you made on this ODST helmet and i would love to have the file if you let me. Thanks for making such great models, your skills are beast!!! Keep it like that dude!!!
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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    Really? Ohh, well, but we all know there are plenty of great files here, thanks to the amazing modelers which work on them and share their work with all the community; I think lots of files deserve to be on that wiki
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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    Bro I´ve downloaded the Hazop Helmet from the 3D modeling section, its already finished, go check it out there, i believe it was a thread called by the name of the helmet. Cheers
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Alexander Ponce Profession: Chemist Age: 22 Favorite part of halo: Noble Team member's death yeahh Favorite Halo: 2 Favorite Video Game: Killzone 2, Uncharted series, FF series and of course Halo series Favorite Food: Lasagne Favorite Band: Old Linkin Park Favorite Movie(s): i...