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    Where would I be able to find files for a complete foam set

    Depends what you're looking for. ODST and mjolnir templates are painfully easy to find. I would direct you to Andrew DFT just like anyone else, but I don't know what you're looking for. Regardless, search on YouTube. The people with the best armor can often give you templates, or direct you to some
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    Starting from scratch?

    Due to the lack of responses on my previous post, I'm going to try something more relevant for all categories. Where do you start if there's no templates, 3d models, or even YouTube videos on the set you plan on making? There's so many ODST, mjolnir, and recon templates floating around online...
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    Will 405 ever see a mobile app?

    The sites been around long enough. And with loads of users spending all their money on supplies, some of us are left without a computer. And the mobile site is missing a handful of features
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    Props Where do you keep your knife, Spartans?

    Oh my this was posted over a year ago
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    Props Where do you keep your knife, Spartans?

    Put it in or on a boot for sure
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    Still need MK IV ideas

    After disappearing for months, I'm looking to make another couple ODST sets as practice, but my MK IV will have to be made from scratch. I'll be starting with drawings and cardboard templates, which will be folded into actual pieces and tried on for size. Should I keep the folding idea when I...
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    DFT ODST- new vs old

    I recently finished my first build, my ODST armor set, and just before DFT released the new templates. I'm sticking to the classic ODST look, but I need a fresh start and I'm noticing there's elements on DFTs new set which look like the old one, but better. Can we talk about that? What pieces...
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    Soft Parts custom ODST under-suit WIP

    That does look really good, but don't be afraid to just use BDU/ACU (airsoft or military) pants, as those look really similar to what appears under the armor in halo 3, ODST, and reach
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    Introducing me

    Please do shoot me advice on that. I've been working with crappy razor blades rather than craft knives
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    Introducing me

    I'm noodle, I'm from California. I guess you can say I'm new to the whole props thing. I've been playing Halo since i was about 8 and found out about these magnificent foam smiths when i was 12. I have an extreme passion for Halo and I've always wanted to get out there in some armor and meet...
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    Props Halo 3/4/5 Weapon Renders & 3D Prints

    shouldnt that smg have a stock?
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    First Build: Spartan Emile and Spartan Kat

    Do you have anywhere to put more pictures or info relating to the shotgun?
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    Magnets? Hiding seams?

    I've seen a handful of people make chest armor like MK V(B) which break right in half then go back together with no visible seams with magnets. Where do you get magnets THAT strong? How else would you get the armor to work like that?
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    Yet another Dft odst reach build

    As I've seen with many attempts of the DFT ODST build, the helmet isn't worth starting all over again, but you're going to want to round it out more at the top via sanding down the corners and adding clay or whatever to the low points. Other than that, it looks better than anything I've ever made!
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    Pleb from Norway - Introduction

    I absolutely can not wait to see some of that buck armor