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    Legendary Armor Spartan Armor Progress....

    Hey peoples. All is well. Actually been meaning to get in touch with you guys about nongun rentals. Will be in touch soon
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    Legendary Armor Spartan Armor Progress....

    Good to see you guys back at it :)
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    Tom11G's M6G Magnum

    Bump for eliteness. Can I have one now :plove your work.
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    Ironiumcostuming Is Gone

    Well, like I said, I apologise if there really was a mix up. All I see is reports and matching IP's. If sock puppets arn't being used to abuse rules, Im slightly more leniant but in this case derogatory and inflamatory comments were made. I view these types of posts as requests for account...
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    Ironiumcostuming Is Gone

    I banned you ""The 405th Sux" "this stuff iz soooooooooo gay!!!!!! im leaving! and adam is so gay!" This was posted from your IP address. I ban all sock puppet accounts on sight, I apologise if there was some bizarre mix up, but the IP's match so the hammer starts swinging. Tell you...
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    Mb's Odst Build.

    Well done Tom, looking awesome
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    Whats Going On?

    attention grabbing threads are generally frowned on. Keep people interested in your thread with hard work and awesome progress.
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    Odst Armor?

    Welcome to the forum. All the answers to your questions are in the stickies. Please read them and make yourself familiar with the forum rules.
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    South Uk Based Master Chief Clay Sculpt

    Wonderful work (just as I expected :D ) keep it up mate.
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    [Gemini Khan] Iron Man Helmet Build

    This is really great work, well done.
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    3D Modeling For Pepakura (Basic 3D Knowledge Required)

    I think a lot of issues can be solved when it comes to unfolding in pepakura, Mesh resolution is unimportant as long as you model with good edge loops. Simply altering your fold angle in pepakura will make the program view you edgeloops as long strips, they also make it easier to manually cut...
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    3D Modeling For Pepakura (Basic 3D Knowledge Required)

    I think this is a great idea for a thread. I'm with Bevbor though, I think a really helpful thing to do might be to break down the vocabulary, right down to basics. I found the the hardest thing when I first got into 3d was all the terminology and definitions. Splines, nurbs, subdivision...
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    Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir - Opinions Wanted

    I just got it recently, satrted pl;aying around with the zspehre head sketch tutorial, where you building up the "muscle" over your zsphere skull then skin it, its an interesting way to work. Also just sorted out a new tablet, cant wait for that to arrive
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    Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir - Opinions Wanted

    Loving the zsphere work, what version of Zbrush are you running? I just updated to 3.5 r3, the new zsketch tools are awesome.
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    Horgh's Models

    They look like a good start :) I find modelling well defined edge loops helps, if you can model in strips, it makes for easier unfolding.