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  • Congratulations on being an infantryman!!


    Nooo, this is Me Gusta:

    EDIT 2: I found out how to do this!:

    Wait... no... THIS!! ::
    I spray painted the base with Matt Black, and then, using colors Sand, OD Green and NATO Brown, went along the gun, using criss crosses and ptches to recreate the camo look. It was then scratched up with sandpaper and then dull coated.
    I think something got lost in the translation on this one. LOL. Thanks though for saying I've been able to keep you motivated. I appreciate it.
    Im Moment könnt ich Hilfe echt gebrauchen... ich hab seit zwei Tagen den Brustpanzer gepeppt und jetzt sieht es eher komisch als richtig aus xDD Scheisse. Vielleicht sollte ich Mark VI Brustpanzer benutzen. :D
    Well, if there is no or little space, your shin will bear down on the boot. This will cause not only noise, but could start damaging your boot or shin, or both. You'd have to put some kind of buffer between the two so they don't end up destroying each other (slight exaggeration, at best the bottom of the shin and/or the top of the boot will become cracked and a bit sharp, which could hurt).
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Jun 25, 1992 (Age: 31)
Austria ( Linz)


What does he have, what the others dont have ?
~ Luck

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