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  • Hi, remeber me? the guy who called stickies rubbish. Well i thought about it and i like to join the mentoring program as a mentee. Sorry about how i was before. I only need 1 short answer.
    Hi all.
    My profile picture is Denise Crosby (Tasha Yarr from Star Trek: The Next Generation) giving me "bunny ears" at a con. Better versions here:

    I am continuing to upgrade the costume. The best part of having a complete set on hand is that I can work on other things as they interest me and still have a suit on hand if an opportunity comes up to wear it.
    So far on the bench are a HD Mk VI helmet that is about 90% complete. It needs fans, lights and a bit of filling and smoothing.
    A new cod piece is also 80%. Painting, filling/smoothing and proper strapping yet to go.
    New boots are 100%. New hand plates are 95%, I need to paint them again, I'm not happy with the way they look.
    Hey Roadkiller! I messaged you back but I'm not sure If you got them. But I have a request to the group.
    Hi and welcome!
    I'm working at upgrading the costume. I've made a set of boots out of - real boots (and EVA foam). My proper Mk VI helmet is nearing completion and I've got a special surprise in the works ...

    A Sean Bradley energy sword (with light kit from Dustin Westaby). Pics soon!
    Actually I never head of Sci-Fi on the Rock until now! I searched it up this morning when I seen this, and I was amazed! The convention is held about a 10 minute drive from my house. I'm so surprised I had never heard tell of it before.

    I'm glad you liked Newfoundland! Its a great place, although we get about 8 months of winter.. not very nice when your trying to resin and bondo.

    Oh and for the convention I think... actually I know Im going to be making a Kat suite! and Im also going to make my twin an Emile suite, hes going to look awesome in it. So thats 2 suites in 6 months. This should be fun!
    Thanks for telling me about the con though! I'm really excited.
    And I cant wait to see your new suite! If its anything like the one now but HD its going to be awesmazing.( Awesome/amazing together)
    Hey Roadkiller!
    I noticed your from NS! I loved it there, I went there the summer for a rugby trip.
    I'm from Newfoundland, Its really nice here but you guys have much nicer weather then us! booo.
    Just wanted to say hello to another Canadian >< and also
    Great job on your MKVI suite, it looks amazing.
    Welcome to my page.
    As you can see my first costume is complete. Its' debut at a local convention was a huge success. My avatar and profile pic is the actress Denise Crosby (who played Tasha Yar on Star Trek:TNG) sneaking up to give me 'bunny ears' at that event.
    I'm now starting work on my winter project, which is a high-def Mk VI. I'll be starting a build thread once I've made some real progress.
    Welcome to my page. I've currently (Oct 10) almost completed a low-def Mk VI suit. It took me about 2 months and is a great way to learn the skills involved. Nothing was too complicated for someone, like me, who has never worked with the materials required. Higly recommended!
    Over the long upcoming winter, I plan on building a high-def suit with my new skills and new love of Halo costuming.
    Thanks to the 405th!
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