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    Having a problem with the site? POST HERE!

    I would just like to note that some like me only use phones to access the site. It is a more important feature for those like me who are trying to see who posted on a thread at a glance. It is unfortunate that this cannot be changed for mobile devices. It does make things harder. Thanks for your...
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    Having a problem with the site? POST HERE!

    Hi, so with the new site I have noticedn issue that is really bothering me. The threads don't show who posted last in the thread overview(in the thread list). It shows when they posted but not who has posted. I am on my phone and haven't checked to see if it happens on Pc.
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    Side Project Time! Code Name: SUMMER FUN ( A Swimsuit Cortana project)

    So, I am curious how the paint fared the water. I have been tampering with some stuff but the paint I used always seemed to wash out.
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    405th @ Rose City ComicCon 2016 - Photoshoot & Dinner - Portland, Oregon

    Hey guys, It's that time again for RCCC!! We will have a 405th photoShoot and dinner on Saturday. The Photoshoot everyone is welcome to join. If you are planning on attending the dinner then message me on here or Facebook with that info and if you are bringing a +1 . Photoshoot details...
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    Pac Reg: Submit your video for the Battalion Showcase video here

    Hey guys, We are going to be making a showcase video for each battalion in the Pacific Regiment. We would like to show off the amazing armor of every person in each battalion. This is the concept video of what we are looking to do. To do this we need your help. We need each member to submit...
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    Email: Welcome to the Pacific Regiment

    Good Evening Pacific Regiment!! This evening I have rolled out the email to everyone that has filled out the Pacific Regiment Membership Application. This is the email that will be sent to all of the new members when they request to join the regiment. I sent it out to everyone in order to...
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    Portland Wizard World Comic Con 2016

    Updated the information about the booth!! :D
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    Portland Wizard World Comic Con 2016

    WIZARD WORLD COMIC CON PORTLAND!! February 19-20-21 2016 IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! We will be at booth #315 on the showroom floor. 405th photo shoot will be near the bell out front of the Convention Center at 12 PM. Dinner details are coming soon!!! -- Hey Everyone!! I have an important update...
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    New Member Welcome Package

    Weird. They worked the other day.... I will get the links taken care of. Thanks for the heads up!
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    New Member Welcome Package

    Hey Pacific! With some help from a bunch of other people I have compiled a quick document for new regiment members. I know that there are tons of other documents that have info on how to start out. It's just that I felt that it would be great to make a basic 'Hey, this is how stuff works'...
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    Halo5 Scout helmet 3D printed.

    That is looking sweet so far!
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    Halo 5 Launch Events at Microsoft Stores: Seattle WA, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA

    Re: Halo 5 Launch Events at Microsoft Stores: Seattle WA, Los Angeles CA, San Diego C IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! The Microsoft Store has asked that we arrive an hour early to the event!! This goes for all of the Pacific Microsoft Store Locations!! Additional details to come!!
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    Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2015

    Hey guys! For those of you within the Oregon area that would like to attend this event we have been invited to come entertain and hang out with the guests before the showroom doors open. We will be arriving at 7:15 am to start suiting up. we need to be ready and in the lobby by 8 AM sharp and...
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    Smiley & Frowny Insurectionist ODSTs - RvB (PIC HEAVY)

    got some more work done on the torso underarmor. Got pieces traced and cut out of the squishy foam and then wrapped in the Spandex fabric. For the ab section I traced out the pattern on the foam and then used a sharp exacto knife to cut through the foam. Each piece was cut out and...