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  • Hey man thanks for taking over the CQC helmet project, I was getting impatient and about to start learning how to use rhinoceros haha.
    Good job on your other files as well.
    hey ruze, i was just wondering when youll have the cqc helmet file up on the thread? i really really want to make it! oh and i just want to tell ya your files are awesome!!!!
    Hey Ruze, i just wanted to say Thank you for making such a good pep file for the Carter helm. I have it about 90% done doing the "cheek details" now. I was wondering if you still had those reference pics of Carters helm? If so could i snag em from ya pls?
    yo id like to know the height of the person that the carter helm with attachment is scaled to so i can scale it to myself
    do you know if anybody has the halo reach eva shoulder unfolded? i couldn't find it on the reach pepakura thread, thanks
    Ruze, I had a suggestion about the Cater Helmet, but I feel like I'm buggin you about it, so if you want to hear it, send me a profile comment and I'll post it back to ya.
    Ruze, I saw your thread on Reach files and I had an idea.... Instead of the layout you did have, why not make tabs at the top of the page, and all the Jorge, all the Emile, all the Jun, and so on, could be in one area so that you don't have to search through it.
    Hi ruze:) Could you email me some of your spartan 3 chest blueprints? im starting to model the chest and your blueprints would help alot^_^ headstub@gmail.com
    hey sorry about the cussing honestly i didnt know, so are we not allowed to post videos. I mean sorry that I didnt go through two weeks worth of posts. But someone shared it with me and I was just trying to share the wealth.
    Hey Ruze,
    Could you edit my post on the "On Patrol Trailer" thread. When I quoted I overlooked the cuss word in it and since it's already locked, I couldn't edit it anymore. Sorry!
    hey ruze,
    zero101 tell me that you have built your own rc helmet... is it possible that you can take some pictures for blueprints of it?
    i want to pep it, but the excisting pdo file i found in the star wars collection wiki is onl a crappy low def... so zero offered my that he can model the helmet himself, but he needs some references
    pls aswer soon ;) need need your help **
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