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    DayZ 405th group?

    I was finally able to get this woriking with the free version of arma 2 last night.... lags like crazy though...
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Check out what my sister and I found at Hot topic!
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    Accepted into film school!

    Thanks and awesome!
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    Accepted into film school!

    As of today, I am officially a Digital cinematography student. My first wave of tools have been shipped out to me and I should get them by the weekend. I didn't think the enrollment process would be as long as it was... Now I need to find about three good paying jobs to pay for tuition...
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    DayZ 405th group?

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling it?
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    Favorite Video Game Songs

    My list is kind of long... I'll try to pick my top four. These are not in any order. Scars of time - Chrono Cross Simple and Clean - Kingdom Hearts Dancing Mad - Final Fantasy VI UN Owen Was Her - Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
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    Help with a costume(morphsuit)

    I would go with a medium or large. Those things stretch out A LOT so you really don't have to worry about getting one that's too big. I'm also 6' 1" and uber skinny. I think the one I bought was either a medium or large, and it fits like a glove.
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    Accepted into film school!

    Thanks guys. The more I think about it the more excited I get. I was told the other day what they are sending me to take the classes. They are sending a Mac book pro with adobe cs6 and a sony NEX-FS100 motion picture camera. Probably should have made it clear that I'll be taking online courses...
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    Accepted into film school!

    This morning I checked my E-mail like I do every morning. I thought today was going to be another boring day. When I opened my E-mail, I noticed a message from Full Sail University. It said that my application was accepted this morning! I can't believe this is actually happening! If everything...
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    Geolocation Map for Members (With New Map Link)

    Put my blip on the map... only member in MS....
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    Gentleman... BLU Spy. %100 completed.

    Well this costume has been a pain in the butt since I started, But its finally finished. Now it's off to an actual build for next years cons.
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    Tennessee members AND cons?

    I wish I still had armor, but sadly it was destroied a few years ago. If you live close to the Memphis area, Anime blues con is this weekend.
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    OMGcon 2012 Paducah, KY.

    I don't mean to double post, but OMGcon is this weekend in Paducah, KY. If anyone is going, be on the lookout for John Freeman and the BLU spy (me).
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    Gentleman... BLU Spy. %100 completed.

    I finally have the last piece of the costume!!! I found some shoes at goodwill today for $15... I would think that's a good deal seeing as how the same shoes would have cost me about $120 new. Anyways, All I need to do now is dye them black and polish them. I might also need to stretch them out...
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    Gentleman... BLU Spy. %100 completed.

    Decided to make some new disguise masks. what dou you guys think?