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  • Shadow I started a Gundam thread here a while ago and it's still attracting members, but no modeling goes on.
    I've been a giant mecha fan since the late 90's. And Zaku's are by far my favorite over all Gundams.
    Saw the armor, looking great so far. I only have ideas, so your way farther than me. I hope to see the finished product. <)
    Aw man... I'm not gay but i think im falling for you lol! Thanks so much man! It means alot.

    Taken photos. I figure I'll email you.... I'm too lazy and findin theres no time to do anything as im tryin to finish jorge.... ALL OF HIM! @_@
    Haha Damn... I was reading the thread an wasn't sure if it was built or not.... But i just wanted to ask you if/when you get it, you could sign my name too?
    Alright! Quickly type it here:

    To Get the chest on, Cut the sides And the tops just before the vents... To attach them together Quick, effectively and cheap use velcro.

    Forearm: Didn't really cut that one but i did have to trip the edge for the wrist area right back to the edge to get my hand through. Padding should keep that on nice and tight

    Shin: Definitely trim the ankle part and the part where the calve ends at the bottom. I Spend about two days trimming and cutting my shins to get my foot through... and back out lol. There were times my foot was literally stuck lol at me

    Cod: If you cut that, I recommend cutting the pockets off or cutting on one side. I then attached the cod pieces to a belt an cliped them onto me...

    Any help man? I start taking photos an update my Mrk VI thread with them...
    Hey Man. Did you want me to tell you where to cut? oooooor should i actually update my long lost MrkVI wip with pictures an stuff?
    If you don't mind I'll add you on Skype. Since I asked Fooly that, but he doesn't :p And you are doing Jorge also.

    And if you dont know me, you were the first person to post on my WIP when I joined. Hope to hear from you soon.

    -Stipan Jozic
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