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  • Hey Shadowshail, I was at gamestop and the grenade shell looks pretty sweet. (Probably could take somebody out lol). Not sure if I'll be at the release, but my helmet will likely be along with a couple of friends. You better be there lol, and I expect some to see some pictures. (Maybe in the Tribune or Journal.)
    Cheers and happy building!
    Yea man... For sure. Usually id be like "Lets get a drink!" but its kinda hard to do when were in different countries lol

    My email (aka instant messenger) is

    You can add me on Facebook tooo if ya want man, the names Taylor Nagle :D
    Not a Gift!? thats the last time i open my heart to you! (lol joke)

    Haha thanks man :D I'm really tryin to make this armour well and as closely accurate to the character as i can. I myself have to pep the chest (again) the backpack (when i finish modeling it) Rhinocs Right shoulder (which i put more detail into) and another boot.... Then Harden everything.... Bondo it.... Sand it.... Pain it.... SOOOO MUCH TO DOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Its ridiculous right? People who want to finish an armour by Launch?
    Hey man, Gotta vent somewhere... where better than 405th? lol
    My 18th bIrthday my parents got me $5 and a mug.... Thats it.... So I find the time spent with friends is soooo much more better than gifts from family...
    Getting wasted seems fun too lol (minus the Hangover the next day)

    Maybe (this is what i find) you should armour build to distract you from everything else. College. Family. Crazy Ex Girlfriend. And just Put all your concentration into (what ever phase your up too in your armour) :D

    I don't know if this'll be much but My present to you will be jorges backpack im modelling... HD style :D
    Yea. Thats what i thought. Its just really off putting to pep that back area. I don't even get how the flaps go the opposite way from each other an yet they're meant to glue together...

    How was your Bithday man? Get your Drink on?
    Haha! i honestly don't know... It looked fine in pepakura.... But i was wrong... SOOO WRONG!? When i was pepin them i was like, "how they hell does this go here? HOW!?" lol

    But im way beyond goin back an fixin them soz You think you can pep them anywayz?
    Thanks for the quick reply, just to let you know i already finish the full mkIV suit for my son. He's 3 years old and we can't wait for this halloween. I fiberglass everything and that wasn't fun :(.. But i am doing a ironman helmet and i think i am going for rondo. Aight men thanks again....
    hello i have a quick question..cause u rondo all ur peps, and i was wondering how much does it weight? compare to fiber glass cloth..thanks bud BTW awesome job keep it up men.
    hi i'm in desperate need to find jorge armor i was wondering if i could get some files off you?
    thanx so much yo. have yu done any bilds yet i would like to se them.
    hey yo how do i find blueprints im kind realy new to this
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