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    Portal Gun - Molding Started!

    Only a gun that actually shot portals could beat it.
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    I Just Noticed Something

    I haven't read the whole topic, but the only "War" the U.S. "lost" was the Nam War. I like this quote: "I don't know what WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Einstein?
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    405th Grifball Team

    I'm in if yall catch me online
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    Pepakura Accessories

    Costume wiki EDIT: Oh, wait... its not there. I forgot where exactly... somewhere on the forums...
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    Forge Contest:

    Hope work isn't working you too hard. :) You still on for Valhalla?
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    Forge Contest:

    Yeah... I don't think these contests are actually going to happen...
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    Forge Contest:

    Ok, though I didn't have the game type to pre-test it... My Foundry SWAT map for July is here. It's called Warehouse, just to make sure you get the right one. Have fun. :)
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    The Scale Of Halo

    Never mind then :rolleyes
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    The Scale Of Halo

    And when talking about the scale of vehicles, you have to account for the fact that Bungie couldn't possibly have made EVERY object in-game with the exact dimensions as they would be in real life. Sure, they gave us all the info for halopedia, but seeing that Halo is becoming more of than a game...
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    Forge Contest:

    Ok, but when will that be? July is half-way through!!!
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    What's Wrong With This Pic

    His shoulders seem to have fallen off as well!!!
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    Forge Contest:

    SWAT on Foundry ;)
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    Forge Contest:

    AFS, can you give us a link to your fileshare on I need the game variant... EDIT: Should we plan for grenades or radar? Will ammo be infinite?
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    Forge Contest:

    I'm in for the Foundry contest of July. Map is named Warehouse and I'll post the link on the deadline. Never know what I'll find that needs fixing, and I just realized it was for SWAT and not shotty snipes again!!! Oh noes
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    New Halo Project At E3/strange Stuff On Bungie Site.

    They could have easily changed it to stop at 12:00:00 as soon as they found out, and I'm sure they did. In a news article someone posted up earlier, Bungie said they wanted to "keep with tradition."