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    ODST build (work in progress)

    very nice. seeing so many ODST's being built still in my absence makes me want to jump in and rebuild my old suit. keep up the work. Reach style is one of the best and lightest ones to run. built way to many of these in my time.
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    Halo: The Fallen (Short Film)

    Hey everyone sorry we have been quite on here but we all have been working really hard and also We are not Dead. and to show that off we will be launching the Teaser Trailer to the real Film tomorrow at 6pm. Here is the link to that if you have not checked it out on there you will find all our...
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    Diablo 3: Spear of Valor (WiP)

    o so sexy cant wait to see this thing finished. and luv'd seeing ur armor at SDCC this year behind stage.
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    Halo Reach style ODST

    Yes i can try to hook you up but just make sure to give credit to TD2253 he made the master for us.
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    HALO ODST Diorama - New Mombasa

    looking damn good i want some of those ODST's. wondering are you goin to make the drop pod for this also. Cuz that would be epic or to save time they just came out with it for the figures and i grabbed one and its so epic but big as hell. cant wait to see the next update tho
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    343 Halo Fiction Comic-Con panel

    God this panel was so boring. and it seemed like they were doing a board meeting not a panel. and Yes Me and the Wife was sitting right near the front but not in Armor. i would have to say so far This was the worst Panel we went to for SDCC.
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    Grunt costume for my son

    Why the Hell has this not been moved to ELITE yet. This build has been shown on Waypoint and it is just so EPIC if this is not moved soon it goes to show the ELITE Page is rigged.
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    Game variant Female Halo Reach Noble Six

    Still luv the hidden Starbucks cup. Spartans need to drink tho.
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    Game variant Female Halo Reach Noble Six

    Pony you are so true it is coming along reall good. and also the shells are dummy not real ones.
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    Game variant Female Halo Reach Noble Six

    Well just getting this out there for her. but the 2nd boot is done. both toe covers are smaller now. and also alot of detil painting has been dont on thighs, and chest. will see if she can post pix up later today.
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    The "Official" 405th Database Thread

    MS7 will you post them again or no? cuz there was so many great files in there that become a pain to search for everything you had such a great thing set up for us with this.
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    Game variant Female Halo Reach Noble Six

    Just a small update. Spartan-087 has been bussy building suits. thats y this have been so quiet. but some of the parts have been built and some have been weathered. i will see if i can get her to post pix soon....
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    Halo: The Fallen (Short Film)

    Hey all sorry about this but Xerxes tried posting this and it created a new thread. but here is the last teaser before we shoot the final film. and yes Foxleader we do have one in there and here is the link to our kickstarter page. and if you guys have not been to our Facebook page go check it...
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    Anime Expo Los Angeles 2012

    me and the wife will be there. 1 day will be RE gear and the other will be halo.
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    Installation 004.

    Dude i so want this. i think 04 came out perfect. keep it up and cant wait to see the next one. and how big is it....and also what is it made out of.