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    Mark Vi Hd Helmet (Work In Progress)

    Looking good but the helmet in my opinion is not the hardest part if your going to use the HD pep files... Great start though.
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    Dan's Mark Vi

    Totally sweat dude you have my vote for best in show currently truly awsome work.... Oh and I second that Elite this badboy
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    A Little Healthy Competition?

    Judging smudging whats the biggy just alot of fun. I know you all had fun building and showing off the stuff everyone made. I know I did, didn't do it for a contest. Just wanted to do it. Loved seeing every ones work great jobs period. keep working on your stuff and above all have fun...
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    My Method Of Makeing A Odst Visor

    interesting idea may have to try this a couple of times...
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    Please Delete, Or Block

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    Mongoose Thread- Update 03/27/10

    Best of luck Alex hope to see this done. very ambitious and most impressive.
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    The Gundam Project

    Looks good so far can't wait to see this evolve.
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    Please Lock/ Outdated

    Ben was also kind enough to help you with the scale for some of the files 6"2' = 0.931593 Scale 6"1' = 0.919004 Scale 6"0' = 0.906415 Scale 5"9' = 0.868648 Scale 5"8' = 0.856059 scale 5"7' = 0.843469 scale 5"6' = 0.830880 Scale 5"5' = 0.818291 Scale Ben does great work Thank you...
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    Holloween Almost Here

    Had a great time now that it's over they still wear them around to play in, they love to dress in costumes to play.
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    Holloween Almost Here

    Sorry suck at spelling good at math though ;)
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    Holloween Almost Here

    To bad I can't spell worth a crap I read fine just don't spell well....
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    Holloween Almost Here

    It came out very well was pleased with it but now that I have some extra time I was planning on actually mudding it. I would like to smooth it out a bit.
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    Holloween Almost Here

    Hey Ben I usually use .stl not .igs but the software I use is free and will convert .obj to either format though, as well as many more. It is called Meshlab look it up it is worth the money...
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    Holloween Almost Here

    I use 1/8th" bits ball and flat or 0.125" step over is usually best at about 20% but I believe I uses 0.050 on these my machine only runs at 30ipm and I am currently waiting on delivery of some new parts already ordered to bump that to around 100ipm to 120ipm. At it's current speed it took...
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    Holloween Almost Here

    Yup just regular insulating foam the pink works better than the blue, much stronger.