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    MY FULL JORGE SUIT!!! WIP (will be pic heavy)

    What Scale did you use for your Chest Piece and Jorge's Left Shoulder Piece? I may have asked this already but I don't want to have to consistently make those pieces over and over. And About how much room do you have in your chest compared to how big you are? Thanks in advance if you get...
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    MY FULL JORGE SUIT!!! WIP (will be pic heavy)

    This suit is looking great! I absolutely love it! Quick question...What .pdo file did you use for the left shoulder for Jorge, as well as the scaling for it?
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    Anyway you could Email me your sized Jorge Files. I'm diggin the build!

    Anyway you could Email me your sized Jorge Files. I'm diggin the build! Thanks in advance :)
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    Rhinoc's Halo Reach File Base

    I'm loving these! Great job! Keep up the good work man.
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    FoolyCoolyMans Jorge 052 Build

    I'm jealous. I want to make Jorge's Armor so bad. I need to get started on it soon.
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    J326 Spartan 3 Build

    Thanks for the tips. One more thing, any pointers on folding?
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    J326 Spartan 3 Build

    Looking really good! Hopefully I can get a set done before Halloween as well. Any tips on working on the Pepakura Models? I always seem to be really off when putting it together. Where did you start when putting the helmet together?
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    Noble Six Build(multiplayer version)

    Looking amazing for using no Edge IDs. How does a laser cut the pieces out? Or What machine did you use?
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    Reach Reach

    Doing the same thing almost with the iPod attachment. I'm attaching a holder behind my chest piece for my phone and hopefully installing a bluetooth headset in my helmet. We will see how well that works. :P
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    Reach Armor WIP

    What was your scale on your COD Piece compared to your waist size?
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    MkV(B)/ODST WIP (pic heavy!)

    Out of curiosity, since I am really really new to this. What are you doing to get the pieces numbered and the lines to come out red and blue. Just writing them in with pen? And about how long does each piece take you to cut and put together? It's looking very good so far though, totally jealous...