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    MrPinski's Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet (Tron-Discovery)

    Very nice customization there. :) This helmet is going to be very cool.
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    Thom's ODST Helmet

    Just thought I would through a heads up on here, this helmet project is on hold until further notice. My family and I have just moved into a new apartment, and I don't have access to a workshop anymore, so I am taking a break from the things that require loud tools and toxic chemicals. I am...
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    MrPinski's Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet (Tron-Discovery)

    Very good work on this one. I think it is easily one of the cleanest visors I've seen in a while. I think an EVA should be in the future. : D
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    Assassins Creed, Malfatto Plague Doctor mask.

    that is really cool. :) I love the Dottore. (I think I spelled that right lol) How did you do the cracked look? I'm going to venture a guess and say you used a wash method?
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    A Video Intro to Styrospray 1000 & my projects

    Very nice video Cujo. Your armor is coming along nicely. My family and I are in the process of moving, so my projects are on hold for a while, but I plan on getting the Styrospray 1000 to use on my foam. Thanks again for pointing me in that direction.
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    New ODST project! by TO8I

    Looking great so far. I really loved your last build, and look forward to more on this one. :)
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    I was featured on Halo Waypoint!

    Right on man! :D Helmet looks really cool.
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    rino's odst build (WIP)

    Rino, you have some mad skills my friend. :) Your build is coming along amazingly, keep it up. :)
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    405th Mentor Programme 2.0

    I would like to put my self up as needing a mentor now. I know that I am mentoring someone, but I want to get into the mold making side of the hobby, and seeing as how the materials are on the expensive side, I would like to be paired up with someone who has experience in this area. Thanks. :)
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    40K Space Marine - Scratch Build

    This is very cool. I haven't seen anyone attempt a powerfist before. This surely will be epic. :)
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    Cujo's ODST Armor Begins!

    I really like the way you have implemented the straps, very good job sir. :)
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    Need Reference Help

    I do what I can. :D I like your ideas so far Cujo. I think that part C in the above pic are two large tuning knobs, and three auxiliary/input jacks. These would be easy to salvage from an old pc card. I'll try to work some magic later and see it I can figure out what it says under caution...
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    Need Reference Help

    lol, no problem. Glad I could help. :)
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    Need Reference Help

    Ok, this was about as clear as I could get them. Hope they help. It looks to me that Dares comm unit is the same as Mickey's.
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    Need Reference Help

    I can hop on ODST here in a bit and get some screen caps for you, but my son is playing now, so it will be a few. I will get them up here as soon as I can. :)