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  • That top Fed one is the 180mm recoiless cannon. I have an Idea on how to carry that easier, Using a rifle harness and a shoulder strap. I'm also trying to map the beam sniper rifle from the final conflict. let me know if you're still interested.
    Not a bad choice there. If you ever need to bounce ideas of someone, or get stumped just hit me up and I will try to help all I can.
    I dont' think this sketch up is working right, I'm gonna take some time on the tutorials and do this in blender.
    Just got all of the measurements written down, now i work on trying to sketchup this bad boy, If I can I'll post up a thread on this
    Yeah, it kinda does, doesn't it. Nice sketches by the way. I don't have a copy of 3ds max, or I would let you install it. I use a buddy of mines. I hear Blender is a good one though. I can't remember the model of the weapon, but it is the huge .50 cal looking one with a top fed mag. I wouldn't mind making one of those. :)
    Yea I gotta stick with cheaper, unless your willing to let me install a copy of yours lol.
    again all I have to work with is Skecthup and blender. but I'm getting the hang of sketchup I'm getting tired of it's damn pop-ups. I can get you a pick of my print and scale I'm working with. If you'd like.
    Just figured out that a standard 6 foot tall human is 1/9th the height of a Standard 18m Mobile suit.
    Now I can begin scaling.
    have you ever noticed in 08th team that when they clean to 100mm, they're straddling it. with my method I used to scale, it's only 2'4" in in width for the gun body.
    I'm actually drawing them out first. on Graph paper using Di Calipers to get exact measurements.
    I'm doing 6 views then putting them through a scanner in my engineering class to get them in the computer, if not I'm going to use wings or sketchup and enter them manually, Thinking about putting a nylon strap in the shield to hold it properly. I'm tinkering right now. If I can get picks I'll post, but that'll happen once I find a modeling program I can work with and then send to pep.
    Then I'll post a thread.
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