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    Project Carmine Helmet

    the unfold is amazing i cant wait to start on this helmet, so does it need scaleing? or would it fit a regular sized head?
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    Mk Vi Helm Pep

    wow that is sweet, what was ur scale size that you used?
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    New Odst Armor Started

    u are a pep god that helm looks amazing
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    The Untitled Laser Project

    lawl i love it pretty damn funny
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    My Odst Helmet And Armor Update On Pg 13 Wip

    those helmets are amazing how do u guys do it so good =[
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    Props S1l3nt V1p3r's M/7 Smg Wip Thread!

    looks really cool so its going to be wood? then a mold maybe?
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    Pepakura Requests

    how about some brute armor? i mean they don't have much but they do have some right, i was thinking of making some sort of brute costume once done with master chief.
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    Blacrose's Works In Progress

    battle damage looks sweet! incredible paint job!
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    Different Method Of Reinforcement ...possibly?

    i guess its plausible if your budget is low and your willing to give a test run on some armor